Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 geeky websites you might enjoy as much as I do

List by Tosca

"Never argue with the data."
- Sheen, a character from Jimmy Neutron (Mr. 7's fav geek cartoon)

I always spend my morning bus ride to work reading. Mostly books/magazines. Sometimes, though, I use it to clear RSS feeds. At last count I subscribed to 321 websites, blogs, tweestreams, Facebook pages that cover info/news about Auckland Libraries, books, libraries/librarians, social media, wrestling (don't look at me like that! I'm a WWE fan from way back in the 80s), and New Orleans. A lot of that time is spent outright snorting or furtively sniggering at various geeky posts. You may not have noticed (?) but I'm not a quiet person. I tend to react to everything out loud. So much so my bus co-passengers are often asking what I'm looking at. Now, none of you will have to guess, because I'm going to share with you 5 geeky websites that I think you might enjoy as much as I do. Choosing just 5 was hard. Is this how a parent would feel when they choose a favourite child? (I know mum and dad have a favourite child each, I forgive them. Kinda). What I opted for in the end was listing the 5 sites I visit the most (in no particular order). I visit these sites because their posts are crazy hilarious and/or thought provoking and, like the t-shirt says, "The geek shall inherit the earth."

p.s. I really wanted to use this quote! But couldn't because, hello, it does not fit. At all. I tried to play Cinderella's less-than-beauteous stepsister and squish it in but, alas, no go:
My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard,
And they're like you wanna trade cards?
Darn right, I wanna trade cards!
I'll trade this but not my charizard.

- Anonymous (Dear Anonymous, you rock!)

Honourable mention:
  • Mashable - "...largest independent online news site covering digital, social media and technology."
  • Gizmodo - technology weblog about consumer electronics

  • Topless Robot - I'm never sure if I'm disappointed or not that there aren't topless robots. Although, thinking about it, I guess, technically, they all are, aren't they? Most recent posts:
  • First (maddeningly uninformative) pic of the Lego DC Superheroes videogame revealed!
  • John Barrowman is a kind-hearted badass
  • - Finally! Someone agrees with me!
  • In the game of werewolves, you either die or are a werewolf, I guess
  • Ghost in the shoe

  • LifeHacker - Tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done. Sometimes, life is easier when you can hack it ;) A lot of the content is very American-centric, but I consider that minor because I get *so much* good stuff here in the way of food tips, techie tricks, etc. Recent posts:
  • How do I find a job that will let me telecommute?
  • Five best recipe organisation tools
  • How to make a web video: How to choose your gear, shoot and edit video, and master YouTube
  • Propose your own solution to customer service to get what you want
  • Real world test show that Android task killers are still useless

  • The Geek Twins - twins who love science fiction and aren't afraid to write about it. Most recent posts:
  • How to make a 'Star Wars' ringtone in six easy steps [How To]
  • Caption this: Peewee Herman meets Darth Vader [Image]
  • What's with the Featured Post slider? [Announcement]
  • 5 awesome TARDIS gadgets you can own [Stuff]
  • 10 things you didn't know about Doctor Who [Television]

  • Instructables - People share what they've made and provide instructions for it, too. Hence the name Instructables. You'll find guides for all sorts of projects and crafts. I have lost many a happy half hour here (especially during themed festivities such as Halloween and Thanksgiving) viewing useful/totally useless 'how to.' Recent posts:
  • Apple ginger pie pops
  • Sew a customised file/organiser
  • Eternal mix snowmaker (aka snowgun)
  • Centrifugal airsoft pen machine gun
  • Make a silhouette glow wall
  • Dual fuel metal melting furnace

  • The Mary Sue - is just what it says it is, A Guide to Girl Geek Culture, and I bow down at their umm keyboards? I heart their posts about books, tv shows, movies, fandoms, and oh-so-much in the way of cool stuff. Most recent posts:
  • Men write horrible sex scenes and receive awards for this
  • Lionsgate is being sued by the creators of The Hunger Games nail polish
  • Now you can make an informed decision on which Avenger has the best booty
  • Ladies lounging (uncomfortably) with laptops
  • A ginger seal update! Ginger seal is the most popular seal at the zoo!
  • V for Vendetta creators are proud the Guy Fawkes mask has become a protest symbol

  • Tosca's comment: My fav link over the last couple days here is Education Monday cute: Sloth potty training. Watching it on the way in to work this morning my first thought was, 'Now THESE are words to live by!' The words? "You can take a sloth to the poo pole, but you can't make him poo." Too right. How many times have we all said that? What?? Never...???

    I wanted to share my GoogleReader feeds so y'all could help yourself to anything that looked even remotely interesting beyond this post. Unfortunately, that would require me to get my head around GoogleReader's recent changes GRR >.<


    Nellie said...

    Too funny

    catatonia said...

    Hi Nellie! Nice to see you commenting on our blog :-) Feel free to recommend a geeky site you love to visit. Would be most happy to feature it in a post :P

    So...what did you think of Breaking Dawn?!

    breve711 said...

    hello! this is quickly becoming my favourite site...i laughed quietly to myself because no one else was laughing lol

    catatonia said...

    Cheers for commenting! And YAY :) We love to hear that sort of thing. The interwebs (and life in general) is so much better when we add laughter