Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5 unusual craft books

“Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.”
― Demetri Martin

My mum was awesomeness. She was an incredibly arty person (not so much these days because she's busier than she ever was with work). No matter where we lived or how old we were we always had craft supplies. My childhood memories are full of fantastical things made from rolls of butcher paper, crayons, felts, colouring pencils, glitter pens, sellotape, wool, PVA glue, dye, cotton wool, pipe cleaner, construction paper, buttons, googly eyes, paper plates, feathers, sequins, bits and pieces of materials (usually leftovers from things mum had sewn), toothpicks, popsicle sticks... We were encouraged to try everything and MAKE ALL OF THE THINGS. It was great fun, but I was realistic about it all because I suck badly at arts and crafts. Seriously, any kid who chops their fringe off in anger and believes that PVA glue will help them glue it back on is not playing with a complete Happy Meal. (What can I say? I was twelve, and I never claimed to be a genius). Maybe it's the thwarted artist in me who deliberately looks to recreate the childhood buzz of craftery (bad English is bad English) but I find myself fatally attracted to strange and unusual craft books. Like the ones listed below because why not, right? I mean, who could seriously walk past Star Trek and Star Wars crafts? Or marvel at the madness that is Regretsy? Or construct strangely interesting duct tape-y type things *shrugs* The weird is my kryptonite, and I revel in it all. And now you can, too...