Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top 5 pet photography tricks I used with the nephews instead

List by Tosca

"The photograph itself doesn't interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality."
- Henri Cartier Bresson

It's Saturday and, as I said I would, I'm sharing 5 photos I took of my nephews, using tricks/tips that were in a book about pet photography that I came across earlier this week. My nephews were obliging enough to give up a part of their Saturday afternoon (while their friends looked on equal parts amused at the antics of their friends, and horrified that I might make them participate). Thank you to: Markhiem Elijah Williams (aged 14), Jaxin Bilal Wayne Williams (aged 13), Kalani Peter Harlem Alakoka (aged 7) and Remy Lakota Brown (aged 1).

Create outstanding black-and-white retro-looking images from your digital files
I like black and white images. Something about them makes the subject look a little more serious and reflective. They also make me look a teensy bit more photogenic and, considering I hate photos of myself, that's saying something. Goal: provide a black-and-white retro-looking photo of nephew/s. Will pass on the 'outstanding' and just aim for 'black-and-white.'

Tosca's comment: I opted to aim for 'black-and-white' rather than 'outstanding black-and-white.' The final result result was one of Mr. 7 playing on the trampoline. I managed to catch him in mid-air.

Photograph someone happily holding multiple nephews
Considering that my nephews are aged 14, 13, 7, and 1...this is going to be tricky. But I shall not let that deter me. Besides, it's not me that'll be holding them...

Tosca's comment: Neither of my siblings were brave enough to want to try and juggle four nephews. In the end I settled for the oldest of the nephews trying, valiantly, to hold Mr. 13 and Mr. 7. The final result was a collapsed looking team of three sprawled rather inelegantly on the trampoline, two of whom sport disgruntled expressions.

Might as well...JUMP! Capture airborne action outdoors
I'm a tad bit afraid of what that will look like, exactly, and which one of us will get hurt by flying feet (probably me) but game to try. I think.

Tosca's comment: Trampolines! If you're considering airborne shots and are rather afraid of being kicked in the face (like I was) use a trampoline. It puts enough distance between you and your subjects. The final result was an unexpectedly graceful one of Mr. 13 (note the odd socks, neither of which are his).

Photograph your nephew chewing on something
On 'something.' That could be half the fun right there.

Tosca's comment: The older nephews looked taken aback when I said I needed a shot of them 'chewing on something.' Jax immediately stated dirty socks were out of the question, Markie ruled out newspapers and Kalani point blank said 'No shoes!' Which is weird because none of those were what I'd wanted at all. A chance shot of Remy the Pooh (which is what I call Mr. 1) devouring a toast snack (spot his Spiderman robe/Thomas the Tank Engine ensemble) made this total win. The peanut butter on his nose was the icing on the cake.

Stack 'em up! Photograph a nephew sitting or standing on another nephew
No. Really? Ok. If you insist...

Tosca's comment: Who knew that piling kids one on top of the other led to rather grumpy looking (albeit thoroughly candid) photos? I have no idea how photographers work with animals but, after an afternoon of directing nephews, I'm pooped. And admiring of photographers who do this for a living. IT'S HARD.

Photos worth a mention:
  • The shot I said I wouldn't take: Nephew 'parts' - Remy the Pooh's painted toes, taken while he was sleeping
  • Black-and-white shot I didn't use: Markhiem and Jaxin sitting together (not fighting, for once)
  • Airborne action shot I didn't use: Markhiem in mid-air


    catatonia said...

    I forgot to say that the only photography 'tools' (and I use that term loosely) I used were my iPhone 4S, and the Instagram app. I'm one of those obnoxious people who lives their lives online and out loud, and assumes everyone wants to see pics of whatever it is that I'm seeing at any given time. Probably no one does, that doesn't stop me from sharing photos galore all the same.

    Kelly M said...

    terrific photos Tosca! -particularly love the mid air ones :)

    Penny said...

    I was thinking what phone you used and when I searched iphone 4s, damn!!! No wonder the quality is excellent :) Nice shots!

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