Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 Etsy shades of Fifty Shades

“Don't get your panties in such a twist... and give me back mine.”
- Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey

Oh, Etsy! Oh, Etsy, Etsy, Etsy. You beautiful, exciting beast. You terrible, awful monster. You give me everything I want and then, at the click of a mouse, offer up all I never wanted. You think I'm kidding. Look at the title of this post. I'M. SO. NOT. KIDDING. One minute I'm looking at Supernatural inspired pillow cases (remember: don't judge me for my fangirlness) and then I'm blinded by all of the things crafty people want to do with Christian Grey. You're all perverted, and you've made me a part of this terrible cycle because I have to share it with you.

And so, for my sins, I give thee: 5 Etsy shades of Fifty Shades. "What does that MEAN?" you ask me. "THINGS inspired by the BOOK," I reply. You don't have to thank me. (You probably won't want to and, really, I think I'm okay with that).

(Seriously, I'm conflicted. I hated this book, but I lovelovelove that it got people talking about READING and BOOKS and SEX (even badly written sex with inaccurate lifestyle depictions and all), and I heart times a bajillion that ppl want to get all craftsy up in here. I just wish the book was...better. You know?).

Saturday, July 27, 2013

5 new books about dessert because SUGAR GOOD obviously

"Have your cake and eat it... there's no other reason to have a cake!"
- Derren Brown

When I was an angry tertiary student, I spent most of my classes with Paul Moon arguing instead of learning. (I had the mostest, craziest respect for Prof Moon and, above any other lecturer I had, he pushed and challenged me the most). So...not much has changed since, then, really. I still argue more than listen :/ I remember in one particular class he and I were debating the concept of iwi being redefined. When I challenged him on something, he said to me, "Oh, you just want to have your cake and eat it, too." Without even thinking, I replied with, "BUT THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF CAKE!" That, re-phrased a little, is my outlook on life. After all, what is life without a little cake? Or without a little dessert? "Cake good" is my lifelong philosophy. It sits right up alongside of my other philosophies (I use that word very loosely) "Chocolate good" and "Sugar good" and, really, "Food good." (You get the idea). Quickish post in which I highlight 5 new dessert books we've received because, really, SUGAR FOREVER.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 bits of library goodness you need to know about

A quickish post from me that rounds up 5 Auckland Libraries related tidbits you might benefit from knowing about.

You can find more news articles, and upcoming events information listed on our website.

And if you didn't know about it, we also offer a free monthly What's On eNewsletter you can receive by email.

 New Zealand Family History Month 2013
Consists of talks, seminars and workshops on the subject of family history research and genealogy, and kickstarts 31 July with a day of exciting presentations. Check out the different types of events and be sure to get in quick and book your place for any that interest you.

Fees and charges increased from 1 July 2013
From 1 July 2013, overdue charges on items borrowed from Auckland Libraries will increase by 10 cents per item per day. The new rates are being introduced to adjust for inflation, as library overdue charges have remained the same for the past three years. You can find more information about the charges here.

Manatunga exhibition
Explore our stunning online exhibition of taonga Māori from the Sir George Grey Special Collections / Tā Hori Kerei-Nga Kohinga Taonga Whakahirahira.

Refurbished Mangere East Library now open
After closing for refurbishment on Saturday 15 June, Mangere East Library has reopened. The library has received a complete internal makeover, including:
* A brand-new paint job in a colour scheme designed by an architect
* New carpet
* A new, smaller service desk to provide a more welcoming entrance for customers
* An all-new layout that will create a fresh feel and offer better use of library spaces

Haere mai, welcome to the new Wellsford War Memorial Library
Residents of Wellsford and the surrounding area celebrated the opening of their spectacular new library in Memorial Park on Monday 17 June. Scroll through our slideshow to see inside the library.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Your top 5 most downloaded Freegal Music tracks RIGHT NOW

"I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me-like food or water."
- Ray Charles

Oh, people! I was nosey about what songs you all are downloading from Freegal Music, right? So I popped in and had a look at our most popular songs. What - who - why - like...hmm. I don't know which way to look or who to blame first. Look at your life. Look at your choices. They all led to this moment where YOU GUYS made Miley Cyrus our most downloaded artist *makes puppy dog eyes* (Please. Like I can talk. I still love the Spice Girls). Here are your top 5 most downloaded Freegal Music tracks RIGHT NOW. (And I freely admit that I grabbed the Daft Punk and Miley Cyrus songs. And they are good #whollyunrepentant *sniffs*).

Freegal Music
Auckland Libraries members can enjoy 3 free, legal music downloads a week with Freegal Music. You can access thousands of files from the vast Sony Music catalogue. So, how does it work? Like this:

* Log in with your Auckland Libraries barcode number and PIN to browse Freegal Music (you can contact us if you have any queries/problems: tosca.waerea@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz)
* Each library member can download up to three songs per week
* Each song has a sample clip you can listen to before downloading
* You can keep track of your downloads by using the counter at the top of the site
* The download counter resets itself every Monday afternoon. (Please note: Unused downloads do not carry over into the next week)
* Please note that downloads cannot be reversed under any circumstances, even if you cancel the download
* If your download is interrupted or cancelled by accident, you can download it again from the Recent Downloads. You can do this twice, and only for songs downloaded in the current and last week

Have you used Freegal Music?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

5 bookish pairs of shoes on Etsy

Sometimes, when I need a break/breather/time out, I jump on Etsy and look at bookish related THINGS and STUFF. Today? It was for shoes. Of any sort. In any colour. And all bookish in theme. I find it soothing. And, besides, Etsy, right? Where the heck else can I find a pair of Van Gogh exploding TARDIS Doctor Who flats, or Star Wars hand painted shoes, or a Twilight inspired high  heel shoe gift box? (Admittedly, this last one isn't something I would ever buy - I list it because HORRIFYING and SHAREABLE BECAUSE). And, man, don't even get me started on these Sterek shoes *flails* I look, but I never buy. For me, the enjoyment is in admiring what other people have created. Yes, even the strange/oddball/nonsensical stuff. I have perpetual artistic envy. Don't judge me. Believe you me, I judge me enough for the both of us. And here's a link to everything in Etsy you need in the way of shoes inspired by books. I know, right? You want to thank me *shifty look*

Saturday, July 13, 2013

5 books from the July Biography & Memoir eNewsletter with unusual titles

“I sold the memoirs of my sex life to a publisher - they are going to make a board game out of it”
- Woody Allen

I moved into public libraries for two reasons: 1) books and 2) I wanted to see if I had what it took to work with any and all kinds of queries and people. Appallingly cliche, right? And yet true. I wanted to be able to see and read ALL OF THE THINGS. My first day on the job I was asked by a customer how much it would cost to send a letter to Tunisia. And every day during my time in the branches was like that. It was a hoot. The variety of questions ensured that I never got bored. Ten years later, I haven't read all of the things, but I've given it a damn good try. At the heart of it, those reasons above are still valid today. I would, though, like to add a third thing to the list: 3) unusual book titles. That must be a thing. Surely? I mean, I come across so many during my work day - whether it's editing eNewsletters, following up on eBook/eAudiobook queries, updating our tweetstream or Facebook page, or even just in conversation with family, friends, and colleagues - they're just THERE. Waiting to be discovered. I think it's my superpower that I manage to find them without even trying. As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility, and it's my duty to share them with you all. Whether you want them or not. Today's five are rounded up from the July Biography & Memoir eNewsletter. Which, by the way, you can read online OR subscribe to for free because BOOKS GOOD is the best philosophy ever. (Followed very closely by CHOCOLATE GOOD, admit it).

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 crafty books to make you go "WTH? DO WANT!"

"I was once fired as opening act for Seals and Crofts because I got loaded and introduced them as Arts and Crafts."
- George Miller

I'm a thwarted crafts person. Seriously. I can't craft for peanuts. Everything ends disastrously. When trying knitting on for size I dropped stitches, made stitches up, broke wooden needles and ended up with an unfinished drunken looking scarf. (To this day it sits buried at the bottom of one of my many bags as a mark of crafts-shame). Crochet...ugh, let's not talk about that. Mosaics...yikes, who knew that was dangerous? Scrapbooking...oh, it was way too fiddly for me. The only crafty experimenty type thing I did reasonably well was decoupage. And only then because I used graphic novel images taken from old comic books. (I figure better to use images I actually identify with - what do you mean I'm not a Maori/female version of Wolverine? - than cutesy pretty things I feel nothing for). I mean, sure, my pants have Mod Podge stains that will never come out, and let's not talk about how I nearly sliced my finger off and, while we're at it, let's not even mention the body parts glue can stick to. The point is, I quite clearly suck at crafts. This doesn't stop me from enjoying craft books, though. I'm not sure how that works. And the more bizarre/strange/unusual/funny (haha and weird) the book THE BETTER. Am I, right? (The only proper answer here is "Yes, Tosca, you in your all knowing wisdom are RIGHT."). I've rounded up the following five books that have caught my eye and turned them into this post. Probably for my own entertainment more than yours. You don't know the LOLs I LOLd before requesting these. Now I have to find someone to make some for me because me and crafts? Life endangering. Request, and enjoy, people :)

Also worth a mention:
The bad book / Aranzi Aronzo
In the world of kawaii (Japanese cute), little kitties, pandas, bunnies and the like are standard fare, but who ever heard of The Bad Buy, The Liar, or The Thief? Aranzi Aranzo takes the notorious cuteness of Japanese crafts and takes them to the next level with The Bad Book, full of mischief and fun!

Comment: I don't know what any of this means. I just know I *have* to request it to find out.

Dog hair : the best doggy hair-dos for fashion-consious hounds!
Dogs can be fashion victims just like the rest of us. Take yourself on a journey through the highs and lows of doggy hairdos, including mullets, perms, sleek bouncy locs and mohicans. Dog Hair has 75 of the most cutting edge styles - feel inspired and pamper your pooch. Whether you have a spaniel, a poodle or a mongrel, your furry friend will love their makeover.

Comment: Technically, not a crafts book BUT I COULDN'T RESIST. I mean, really.