Saturday, November 26, 2011

Last seen standing still...

Top 5 photos I took using tips/tricks I learnt from a kids book
List by Tosca

"If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera."
- Lewis Hine

I don't enjoy posing for photos. I never have. Flip through our family photo albums and you'd be hard pressed to find me there. I could care less about myself that way. Put a camera in my hands, though, and it's a different story. My fascination with photography isn't a new one. I like to think of it as more...rekindled. Something about being behind a camera, being able to provide some visual commentary about life, makes me appreciate how intrinsically beautiful everything is. No matter how seemingly random. A week or so ago I used tips from a pet photography book on my nephews instead. (Thankfully, they are still talking to me). I decided, after writing up that post, that I'd like to explore some more photography books, only this time from the kids area. The book I finally decided to bring home with me is Digital Photography: Point, Click, and Create Cool Digital Effects by Alan Buckingham (2005). Curiosity made me pick a book that was published some 6 years ago. Sure, the clothes and hair are a little dated, but the tips hold as true today as they would have then. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so, armed with nothing more than my iPhone 4S and four photo apps (instagram, Pixlromatic, Snapseed and Mosaiq), I took Buckingham's book for a test drive. The results, in no particular order, are below. As is a slideshow of extra photos that I didn't use in this post.

Think about composition - Look up, look down
There's something about looking way, way up to the tops of trees that reminds me of their timelessness, and of how truly small people are.

Zoom in close - Or move closer
Mr 7, up close and personal. Literally. This shot came about as a part of a discussion he and I had (in relation to this post) about getting close but not too close. He has an interest in photography, and we've spent the last couple of weeks or so discussing things like angles and composition. He's very keen to start taking photos of his own and playing with them, so I'm getting him a simple digicam for his birthday in a couple of weeks. I wonder what the world looks like when a child visually documents it?

Make sure there's enough light
In this case there was probably a little too much light, but I kept it because I like the look of it.

Great portraits - Character shots/Making people look good
Not to say that Mr. 14 doesn't look good, anyway, but you know what I mean. Luck of the draw, this shot. It was raining, he was standing outside with an umbrella waiting for it to stop, and I was racing past. Right place, right time.

Shoot more not less
While I might not actually stop to smell the flowers, these days I am taking time out to snap them :) And was fortunate enough to spot a Bird of Paradise. Unsure what the first one is (plants are not my strongpoint), I just know it looked good. And the middle shot is a tree from a park near where I live. Thanks to Pixlromatic I was able to enhance the colours (especially the orange, which is a common colour throughout), and with the Mosaiq app I was able to combine all three photos in one. More, not less! More for less?

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