Friday, September 28, 2012

5 sites my fangirl self follows like I need air BECAUSE REASONS

"Fan girling: Any girl extremely obsessed with any celebrity, t.v. show, movies, books, or other entertainment/media who is participating in fan activities such as message boards, fanfiction, or convention.
Has been used in the past as derogatory but has become less and less so in certain fandoms. Fan girling frequently happens with large amounts of squee."

Large amounts of squee? You say po-tay-to, I say "Define large!" Sure, sane people might argue that this post title isn't a particularly good one. I mean, really, "5 sites my fangirl self follows like I need air BECAUSE REASONS." Bizarre, right? Luckily, I have never declared myself to be sane OR good OR non-bizarre like. Therefore, I win at life. And my prize? The interwebs. ALL OF THE INTERWEBS. I make no bones about the fact that I consider myself a fangirl. I earnestly tell people I'm just a nerdy girl with a laptop and an inappropriate love of Jensen Ackles and we all laugh about it but, at the heart of everything, it's the truth. I enjoy tv shows, movies, books and all things geeky SO MUCH that I get all flail-y and GAH and ACK and lose the ability to use my words and just experience FEELS because my fandoms are that awesome. These five sites listed below are where I get to revel, celebrate and indulge my fangirlness in all its crazy. What do they do that's so great? They keep me in the fandom loop with fanfic, fanvids, fanart, cranky mcranty pants posts about sexuality and the concept of beauty and why people shouldn't tag AO3 fic like it's Tumblr run amok, and they dedicate gifsets to Jensen's mouth and Jared's dimples. Yes, we are crazy, we are plentiful, and we are on your screens. So, here's to fangirls the world over!

Honourable mention:
From the site: "LiveJournal is an online community, a social network, and a place for self-expression. We strive to create an environment where you can connect with others, share your thoughts, and be yourself. Our core values guide us to protect and cultivate that community."

Tosca: LiveJournal is where I find some of the fanfic I read. If you know where or how to look you, or even who to follow, you can find some great stuff. Of course, you also find some truly, TRULY, terrible stuff. Beyond terrible.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

5 dating books that terrify yet fascinate me

List by Danielle

'It's universal because it's based on natural attraction, what all women are hardwired to respond to, and attraction is an emotion, not a decision.'
~ From 'The Manual'

You know the books I mean: you can get ANY and every girl/guy you want -- if you follow my xyz algebra of love, memorise these simple and literally irresistable pick-up lines, treat them as an enemy to be conquered, fix your own broken self up (because it's actually all your fault) with tanning/smooth sales patter/a hard-ass attitude makeover... I want to read them. I don't want to read them. (I can't make up my mind. I think I do. I am morbidly curious about how bad they actually are.) I feel tacky having them on my desk (this is not my book about 'creeping in the club'! I don't know how these shamelessly self-promoting abs got here!), and I really, really wonder where the many missing copies of each have wound up. They're hilariously funny, until they start talking about the targeted gender and then they are just super scary. Yes, there are books aimed at both men and women. Nobody is exempt from being crept on/hypnotised/sold a false bill of sale.

(Please note: there are many excellent and honestly wise and funny dating guides out there on our shelves: you can browse through some of them here. I just went hunting for some of the more left-field dating books after coming across the monumentally scary-looking 'The Manual' on the New Titles list.)

5 brilliant movies based on graphic novels/comics

List by Julia, Natalie, Renee, Clint and Danielle

"Don't worry, miss. I've got you."
"You've got me? Who's got you?!"
~ From Superman : the Movie

Ask a bunch of librarians for their favourite graphic novel/comics-inspired movie, and you get some wildly different picks. Some of us are superhero blockbuster fans, some of us go for indie classics, some of us like the action, and some the rich mythology accompanying the iconic characters. When I saw the Avengers (the first time), it made me want to dive into the comics and find out more about the backstory. Libraries are perfect for this - DVDs, comics, anthologies, compilations, animations... your one-stop shop for Comic Book Month!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 new books to help you make/craft/grow/cook in the holidays

List by Danielle

'Having a two-year-old is like having a blender that you don't have the top for.'
~ Jerry Seinfeld

School holidays are coming up fast, guys, and the weather's finally starting to show the odd dry patch. Here is a taster of the latest books for kid-friendly activities from the New Titles list, but there are plenty more where these come from (jump on the catalogue and browse through books on cooking, games, gardening and crafting with kids). Get a shot of fresh inspiration these holidays, from simple and delicious recipes and ideas for stuff to make and do and grow and go outside and muck around with, to books that will make you laugh and say yes, SO TRUE, how awesome that it's not just my family that does that (recent fave: Katie Workman's Mom 100 Cookbook, just hilarious and very recognisable).

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 geeky bookish links totally worth sharing

"Also, if you're sweating the difference between a geek and a nerd, you're definitely a nerd, you dork."
- John Scalzi, the writer, HERE on Twitter (and OH how I LOL'd)

I spend the first and last part of each work day clearing RSS feeds for a variety of topics. I've arranged them all into folders with names like Libraries, Geekology, Books, New Orleans, Social Media and a few others. I skim somewhere around 1000-1500 articles/blog posts/websites a day. Probably a little more. A lot of them I use as inspiration for post ideas, some to increase my readers advisory knowledge (I can never have too much), some I share on our work tweetstream or Facebook page, ones that aren't quite appropriate for work I share on my personal streams, some that are relevant to my role I share with other librarians in the same field as I am, others I read to keep up with new technology, some stuff is political and for general awareness, others I read for geeky giggles and chuckles, and then there are things I so much want to share with SOMEBODY ANYBODY that I save them up for instances like this. Lucky you, right? *Hint: this is where you nod politely and agree with the crazy person writing this post* Last week I skipped a geekology post :( So this week you're getting two; one here today, and one over on the Auckland Libraries blog this coming Friday. Two in one week. YOU'RE WELCOME! And so I give you: 5 geeky bookish links totally worth sharing.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Top 5 most requested nonfiction titles for August 2012

"To read a writer is for me not merely to get an idea of what he says, but to go off with him and travel in his company."
- Andre Gide

The meaning of life, a food truck, a woman a would-be-king abdicated the throne for, rushing to and fro, and a cafe (or two, rather) with the most amazeballs food - what do they all have in common? Our top 5 most requested nonfiction titles list for August 2012, of course. Like, what else, right? Happy reading. (I know, I'm getting better and better at this 'short intro' thing. WIN!).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top 5 most requested items for August 2012

"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it."
- Oscar Wilde

I find myself having conversations about books in the strangest of places. I always think that I've gotten used to the idea of random book chats in random non-bookish type locations, and then one comes along to prove me wrong. (On purpose, I'm sure). Today's was while standing in queue at a petrol station. I was waiting to be served when the gentleman in front of me turned around, spotted my nametag (yes, I wear this everywhere to work/home from work because I have no shame about who I work for - in fact, I'm kinda proud of it) and asked me if I'd ever read Lee Child, had I heard that Tom Cruise was playing Jack Reacher in the movie version of the first book, how did that happen (insert exclamation mark), and did we still have romance novels because his wife likes them a lot? FTW! And that timely conversation reminded me that it was time to post our top 5 most requested items for August 2012. One of which happens to be the latest Lee Child novel. Spectacular timing.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

5 geeky graphic novel/comic book links

"Using comics to promote literacy? Well I’d hope comics would do so anyway, regardless of "trends"." - Declan Shalvey

KAPOW! BANG! KABLAM! Holy birthday cake, Batman - it's Comic Book Month :) Throughout September we're celebrating the wonderful world of graphic novels/comics with a series of events, competitions and workshops taking place across the city. I remember last year when Onehunga Library had a Cosplay parade and customers/dressed up as characters. It looked like so much FUN *sigh* I wish I could've been there to see it. Don't miss out like I did - find out now what's happening this September. I'm feeling a tad bit guilty at the moment because our New Titles lists were posted this morning and within err ten minutes I'd found/requested 13 new graphic novels because obviously I don't have enough to read. Oops. Knowing my luck they'll all turn up at once and instead of finishing my assignment I'll be nose deep in superheroes, villains and kickbutt plans to save the world. Life being normal, then heh. To kickstart my Comic Book Month celebration I'm sharing 5 geeky graphic novel/comic book links that y'all might enjoy.(One I use all the time, and the rest I've started following recently-ish). Feel free to suggest sites/blogs you follow - I never say no to new links. Happy Comic Book Month, everyone!

Do you read comics?