Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 5 fictional dads

List by the Digital Services team
"Just for once, let me look on you with my own eyes." ~ Darth Vader, Return of the Jedi
(Darth Vader's dying words to Luke.)

Happy Father's Day from the Digital Services team! Not that we'd swap our own dads ever, but we want to give props to the following fictional dads, who may not always be the easiest to get along with, but will always have your back (right after they chop off your hand)...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Top 5 new travel books

List by Danielle
'Regardless of which circle you deem the worst, I think we can all agree that hell is not a great place to visit.' ~ '101 places not to see before you die' by Catherine Price

I was scavenging the cataloguers' trolleys for goodies and noticed a theme developing; we have several intriguing new titles by intrepid explorers on the trolleys this week. If you've ever been bitten by the travel bug - or like to read about people who get bitten in your place while you kick back in a comfy chair - then take a look at these travellers' tales...

Top 5 audiobook trolley-finds

List by Tosca

"It's just different discipline, just doing the voice over..."
- Blair Underwood

A long-winded intro follows - you have been warned! Up until late last year I hadn't tried an audiobook since I was a kid. Those who know me (either IRL, via Twitter, my blog or Facebook) will know that to date my audiobook experiences have been fairly disastrous and nothing short of hilarious. I belong to an online reading group as well as an IRL one (IRL=in real life) and quite a few of them listen to audiobooks. Being a fairly genial sort of person, I decided to give them a whirl myself *blinks* That was probably my first mistake. I picked a romance novel *whistles* That was my second mistake. I chose an author whose work I knew inside out *winces* And that was my third mistake. What I should've done was worked up to it. Slowly.

Papakura Library guest post: Top 5 magazines I like to borrow from the library

List by Emily

"Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled "This could change your life.""
- Helen Exley

A bit of a boring title for a Top 5 list I admit, but I realised no one had done a magazine list, so thought why not be the first.

Here are my (and/or my hubby’s) favourite magazines that we can borrow (for free!!) from the library. They happen to all be New Zealand magazines - what a patriot I am - but there are also lots of international magazines available at the library as well.

Feel free to share what magazines you like.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 5 new processing trolley picturebooks I think Mr. 6 should read to me!

List by Tosca

She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.
- Louisa May Alcott

There's no doubt that books have turned my brain. I fervently hope my 6 year old nephew Kalani - or Mr. 6 as I call him - is as fond of books as I am. I also hope that they turn his brain, too. What that means I'm not quite sure but for a bookaholic like I am, it can only mean good, right? I sure hope so. I decided, just today, that for a welcome change, I would like Kalani to read to me! I think it would be a nice switch in roles to be able to go home, kick off my shoes, settle down and have him do the funny voices and the funny faces and the big expansive gestures (yes, I do those for him, too, so it's only fair he do it in return). When mum read me bedtime stories as a child, I absolutely loved it. So many worlds and so many possibilities opened up. Admittedly, some of her choices were rather unusual. Oscar Wilde's 'The happy prince' is not really conducive to a 4 year old's restful night's sleep, mother! To this day, I hear the words 'Swallow, swallow, little swallow, pluck out my other eye' and immediately start crying. Eep. Maybe I won't start him on Oscar Wilde just yet, but I think the titles below (which are my trolley-finds from visiting Cataloguing staff) make a nice starting place. Each selection has a little explanation for why I've chosen that particular book. I suspect, though, that he may need help reading some of the bigger words :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 5 new large print romance titles that made me go, 'WTF?!'

List by Tosca

"Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell."
- Joan Crawford

I heart romance books. What isn't to love about a guaranteed happy ending? The guy gets the girl and they live happily ever after *sigh* It doesn't say anything about arguing over the dishes and how man colds are ten times than worse than woman colds or how the guy has to rub your feet just because but...it's all implied, right? Right! As much as I heart romance books, sometimes the titles make me go, 'WTF?!' and I either burst out laughing or get mad. The titles below are 5 large print romance examples I've found just in the last week or two alone in Cataloguing & Acquisitions.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Top 5 songs from the '80s Movie Hits' compact disc

List by Tosca

"Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn't take Lorraine out that he'd melt my brain."
- George McFly (as played by Crispin Glover) in the film Back to the Future (1985)

The 80s were my heyday! That's what I tell people and they look at me a tad bit disbelievingly and, fair enough, because in 1980 I was only 5, but I remember the next 10 years as if it were yesterday: banana clips, big hair, first boyfriend, off the shoulder tops, bubble skirts, disastrous hair styles (let's not even talk about the time I dyed my hair black and it turned green instead ugh), leg warmers, high heels with socks, fingerless lace gloves, fluoro coloured tights, denim miniskirts and 80s music *sigh* I love love LOVE 80s movies (with an era of the best movie quotes ever ever ever) and 80s music! They were such good days, over for alltime and leaving me with nothing but forever-young memories. So imagine my delight when I accidentally picked up a copy of '80s movie hits.' So much 80s goodness in one small package oughta be illegal - it's enough to make me want to break out my Bros albums! It was hard to narrow down my top 5 songs on this double compilation (much arguing with myself took place) but I managed it in the end. It only took me 2 hours, geez. Check it out and if you have a song you think should be here leave it as a comment ;-)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Top 5 books-into-movies for big kids

List by Digital Services (Tosca, Danielle and Clint)

'Turn around/Look at what you see/In her face/The mirror of your dreams' ('Neverending story', Limahl)

'Is it a kind of dream/Floating out on the tide/Following the river of death downstream?/Oh, is it a dream?' ('Bright eyes', Simon and Garfunkel)

We in Digital Services are big kids at heart, and believe me, the length of our 'short' list for this category proves it! We have a selection of movies that creeped the bejeebers out of us as kids, as well as some more recent movies that surprised us pleasantly with their watchability - y'know, when we watched them with *actual* kids!

(There was also a short 'short list' of movies included for gratuitous and less-than-noble reasons, hello, The Rock, I'm looking at YOU 'Race to Witch Mountain'...)

Honourable mentions: Peter Pan; Stardust; Jungle Book; A series of unfortunate events; City of Ember; Bridge to Terabithia; The Spiderwick Chronicles; the Harry Potter movies; the Narnia movies (excluding the old version of 'The silver chair'); Charlotte's Web.

Top 5 titles foraged from the processing trolleys (20 August 2010)

List by Tosca

Early one morning, after a sandstorm had ripped through north Texas, I wandered into Mr. Tilly's circus. I wore a black suit and blood ran down my face. When some of the carnies came up to me, I said, "I'm numb." This became my name.
- Numb: a novel by Sean Ferrell

I think, sometimes, that when I venture in to the Cataloguing and Acqusitions areas they view my visits with some amount of trepidation. And yet I respect what they do. Wholeheartedly. It is an integral part of the overall service we provide. But I am a contentious, opinionated person who has quite vocal (read *loud*) views on what types of books I believe our customers would want and I consider it my duty - and a pleasurable one at that - to tell all and sundry about it ;) We have some quite 'spirited' discussions about books. So yes, their trepidation is somewhat warranted. I am forever grateful that they have not barred me (yet) and let me wander quite freely among the new books trolleys and oh! What gems I have found today. My cup truly runneth over :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Top 5 songs on Mr. 13's iPod playlists that I can actually stand to hear

List by Tosca

"Generation Gap: A chasm, amorphously situated in time and space, that separates those who have grown up absurd from those who will, with luck, grow up absurd."
- Bernard Rosenberg, Dictionary for the Disenchanged, 1972

There is a 22 year age gap between my oldest nephew and I and, for the most part, it's not a big deal - we bond over Doctor Who, Adam Sandler's early movies, Geronimo Stilton, red licorice, Vans & Converse shoes, microwave popcorn, crazy YouTube clips, the Hardy Boys and a host of other things. That's kinda normal right? But when we start talking music, oh boy, then we hit a rough patch.

Top 5 teen action/adventure series

List by Danielle with help from Jolene, Debra, Richy, Tosca and numerous MANIX reviewers

'I wanted to keep turning the pages after the book had finished.'
~ Omkar, MANIX Teen Reading Challenge

Firstly, there were plenty of awesome candidates for this list, and there are some highly recommended edge-of-your-seat series we'd like to give honourable mentions:

We'd also like to draw your attention to two excellent but less well-known action series; The guild of specialists, by Joshua Mowll, and Chris Morphew's Phoenix Files.

And if you're looking for an injection of knuckle-whitening, page-turning action and adventure, look no further!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Top 5 cookbooks for junior chefs

List by Danielle

"Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love."
~ Craig Claiborne, Kitchen Primer

Spurred on by several shared and yummy baking attempts at our local daycare, my daughter has been keen to help out in the kitchen recently (specially if there are beaters that need to be licked clean). Here are my favourites amongst the library's collection of kids' cookbooks - some easy to follow recipes, some cute novelty food, even some simple ways to get kids trying some ingredients they might not otherwise touch with a very long spatula!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top 5 titles foraged from the processing trolleys (11 August 2010)

List by Danielle
There was a time before. There will be a time after.
Let us build a bridge. A bridge that will carry us over the unbearable.
I am certain that as we walk back and forth, we will find love on both sides.
~ Over a thousand hills I walk with you, Hanna Jansen (translated by Elizabeth D. Crawford)

We're going Teen today, because that's what's on the trolleys. Everyone must be working really hard, because there's not a lot of pickings out there at the moment, it's all out on the shelves! That said, there are a few juicy-looking Grimm and ghostly offerings, an intriguing graphic novel, and the unimaginable based-on-fact story of a young survivor of the Rwandan massacre.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Top 5 NZ rugby biographies - my idea of the best of the locker room jocks

List by Tosca

"Rugby is great. The players don't wear helmets or padding; they just beat the living daylights out of each other and then go for a beer. I love that."
- Joe Theismann

Petone, a seaside town in Wellington, had a strong rugby league and netball background. It was not uncommon for men who played on the local rugby teams to have wives or partners who played in the netball teams. And yet my memories of Petone are of being dragged from rugby field to rugby field. It was a normal occurrence for me to see a lot of Wellington-based All Black rugby players such as Bernie Fraser, Stu Wilson, Murray Mexted, Graham Mourie and Allan Hewson, either on the sidelines as a spectator or on the field. Rugby was as much an integral part of my formative years as school, so it's no surprise that I have a list of NZ rugby biographies and memoirs. What may surprise you is the selection. I'd like to point out that I grew up reading whatever was on my own kiddie bookshelves and on my parents' ones which is why I have such a list, and yes, these books are still on dad's shelves (somewhere up in Doubtless Bay) now. The rugby matches of today are a far cry from those I watched as a child. Gosh knows they're certainly far more civilised - gone are the days when it was a considered a great game if it ended in a punch up.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Papakura Library guest post: Top 5 songs featured on Glee

List by Emily

"Madonna belongs to me and I will not be copied. It's in my contract."
 - 'Coach Sue Sylvester' as played by Jane Lynch

From Wikipedia: Fans of Glee are commonly referred to as "gleeks", a portmanteau of "glee" and "geek".

I admit it - I am a Gleek. If you’ve been living in a cave this year and/or don’t watch television, Glee is the hit TV show about a high school glee club (aka show choir) that features numerous song covers sung onscreen by the characters. There is great variety in the songs that are covered, ranging from chart toppers to show tunes, old favourites to recent hits.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Top 5 items I requested and took home but couldn't remember why I wanted to read/watch them when I got there so brought them back

"The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Do you request books like crazy just because? You know, you see the cover in the catalogue and go, 'Oohh, lookit the pretty, shiny,' and put it on hold? Do you read a review that pumps a book so brilliantly you think, 'Oohh, come to mama!' and then put it on hold? Does a friend recommend a book so well that you immediately say to yourself, 'Oohh, yeah, that sounds like me!' and then put it on hold? Sometimes it seems like I'm forever putting books on hold and then getting them home and going, 'Whoa - why did I want to read this again?' If this sounds like you, then honey, you're my kinda people ;)