Friday, March 2, 2012

Our top 5 bedtime stories for February

List by Danielle

Enchantress: Can I be in your video?
Thor: Nay, witch. Thou dost headbang like a girl. Now be gone, less thou detract from my mighty rocking. More cowbell! Thus spoke Thor.

No doubt about it, February was Super Hero month in our household. Our first dip into the mighty, marvellous pool of superheroes (if you don't count last month's fabulous Traction Man) was my 5 year old daughter's discovery of superhero phonics books, early readers about heroes such as X-ray Rex and Jumping Jade.

The find of the month, though, has been Marvel's mind-blowing Super Hero Squad, which comes in several formats - DVD, chapter book, and junior graphic novel. I say mind-blowing, because for those raised on Marvel comics (not me) and even for those who came to the characters late through films like Iron Man, the X Men and Fantastic 4 flicks, the various Hulks... this is a whole new world. Imagine brooding, angsty heroes like Wolverine turned into wisecracking kiddy characters. Hulk as comic relief. Captain America as the wise old mentor/butt of jokes. The characters now have no back story - the Hulk has no human form, Wolverine (or 'Wolvie') appears in flashbacks as a baby, complete with adamantium claws. Thor, as in the quote above, went to Valhalla High School.

It about blows your mind, huh?

Couple that with the most catchy theme song ever to grace a kids' cartoon... It's time to hero up, squaddies!

X-ray Rex / written by Mandy Ross ; illustrated by Mark Ruffle
X-Ray Rex has amazing x-ray vision. He can see through things with the special beams from his eyes. When penguins start to go missing from the zoo, Mrs Zoobody calls in X-Ray Rex to solve the mystery. Soon Rex is thrown into battle against the evil Baron Frostbite.

One of our favourite phonics books for the month. The story is simple but fun, the pictures are colourful, and you can do a variety of funny voices for Baron Frostbite and the other characters. This is one of a series of superhero phonic readers that come in a range of reading levels.

Rolf Heimann's what's up at Crowfoot Castle? / Rolf Heinmann
Navigate your way through the haunted Crowfoot Castle. Fight your way through creepy halls. Pit your wits against monsters guaranteed to fizzle your brain! Find your way out of Crowfoot Castle, or become tonight's dinner.

Our daughter enjoyed staying up a bit later than her brother on Friday nights, and reading with mum. This was her favourite puzzle book last month; creepy puzzles (follow the trails of blood, find the murderer) but not too scary for night-time reading.

Ice lollies, and other cool treats / by Nancy Lambert
With over 50 fabulous ice cool recipes for junior chefs! This book will show you how to make popsicles, ice creams, sorbets, drinks and more from a wide variety of ingredients.

Our 3 year old son loves cookbooks as bedtime stories. Many's the time this month that I've heard the kids reading this to each other, and all but licking the pages. It's a beautiful book, with glossy, bright pics of all sorts of tempting treats, and the recipes are mostly pretty straightforward.

Dinosaurs love underpants / Claire Freedman ; [illustrated by] Ben Cort
Dinosaurs were all wiped out, A long way back in history, No one knows quite how or why, This book solves the mystery. You may wonder why dinosaurs became extinct, well here is the answer ...They were all wiped out in a mighty Pants War!

On audiobook, read by the wonderful Rik Mayall!!! Underpants and Rik, what more could you want for those boring car journeys to work/daycare/school? The kids loved the combo of Rik's crazy T-Rex voice and the colourful, fun underpants art.

Marvel super hero squad. Love is in the air! [graphic novel] / writer: Todd Dezago ; artists: Leonel Castellani & Marcelo DiChiara ; colors: Sotocolor ; letters: Dave Sharpe.
Features stories Love is in the air and Hulk's secret valentine!

Check out the whole series of junior graphic novels here. A huuuuge hit with the kids. They love the visual side to the stories, and the sound effects they can learn to read themselves. Hulk is so funny (!) with his secret valentine that we've read this over and over again. Like, seriously. I could quote from it. ("What Hulk doing in stupid tree?")

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