Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5 lost, tossed and forgotten items I liked in this book

"Lost time is never found again."
- Benjamin Franklin

Two people who read this book before me have a great sense of humour. It's not what they left - two sketches, a song list - that made me smile (what I think is my) secret Mona Lisa smile (but probably looks more like I'm in pain, or smirking, or both). It's the fact that they left their offerings pressed between the pages of Found : the best lost, tossed, and forgotten items from around the world by Davy Rothbart. Just like the title suggests, this book is made up of collected lost and found items sent in to Found Magazine. I'm endlessly fascinated by things that people leave anywhere, although particularly in books. Most especially library books. I know from personal experience that I often slip bus tickets in between pages as an ad hoc bookmark. Sometimes I leave post-it notes in some horrific, bright orange or yellow to remind me "EPIPHANY HERE!" Other times I'll even dog ear the pages but ssshhh you didn't hear that from me. I've even been that person who, when I'm reading library books and am taking notes for a book review or top 5 list, will daftly leave the list there and wonder, days later, where it got to. I don't think that what we leave behind in books (or anywhere else, for that matter) defines us, but I find I'm curious about it all the same. Do we do it deliberately? Could we have left something worse/better/different/more incriminating/less incriminating, instead? I'm not sure. What I do know is that in some weird kind of lost-and-found-pay-it-forward way, I'm going to leave a couple of things in this book, too. So if you end up with this copy - and I guess you'll never know unless you request/read it - why not do the same? Add to it. Send it on. Continue. And so, 5 lost and found submitted items that I liked in this book.

Have you ever lost/found items in a book?

A New Year's Eve note from Kevin to his mum, found in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, page 241,
Don't panick, I'm safe and sound, I'm spending the night at Gimpy's, I'll be back tomorrow sometime. Don't call & yell, yell at me when I get home please. I want to have a good New Year's.


Tosca's comment: Go on, admit Kevin's note made you laugh!

A to-do list, found in Bellevue, Washington, page 204
  • Turn in library books
  • Find out about college
  • Mail Dad's s@#t
  • Pay bills in advance
  • Write Crystal
  • Hide guns
  • Pack
  • Get medication
  • Do taxes
  • Sew pc up
  • Change addresses
  • Pay Columbia bill

  • Tosca's comment: One of the more unusual to-do lists I've read yet.

    A note in child's writing, found in Columbia, Missouri, page 181
    Mett me down by the big bush

    from the kid whith
    the green backpack

    Tosca's comment: Who is the kid with the green backpack? And who did he want to meet so badly? Why did he want to meet them? And why down by the big bush?? It galls me to know that I will never know the answer to any of these questions.

    An unusual note about spiders and trains, found in Boston, Massachusetts, page 58
    To me spiders and trains are very similar. They both are hard workers. They both are very strong. They both get "bum deal" reputations as being the "bad guys" when in fact, we'd be in trouble without them

    Tosca's comment: I can't make the link between the two myself, and I know that I'd be all the happier for it if spiders weren't around. And as for trains, I'm not sure we'd be in trouble, although certainly it'd re-write huge chunks of history. Odd.

    A balloon wish, complete with deflated balloon and ribbon, found in Houston, Texas, page 12
    I wish I won't flunk sixth grade!

    Tosca's comment: If only wishes were that easy.


    tosca said...

    Was just discussing today's list with a friend/colleague who said she thought you could get a novel out of #2's to-do list. Which made me say that if you were so inclined you could make it a fanfic challenge, where the writer had to base it on their favourite fandom and use all of the items. And now we're discussing 'drabbles' which, I guess, doesn't mean anything to any of you unless you're familiar with fanfic. Do we have fanfic readers that follow this blog?

    breve711 said...

    hide guns? lol i've never left anything in a book on purpose, but i leave a lot of bus tickets/receipts that i use as bookmarks.
    years ago, when i was still at uni, i accidentally left one of my favourite books at the bus stop (borrowed from the library for the millionth time, have since bought my own copy). some super cool awesome person returned it to the library for me! =)

    tosca said...

    I've left things in a couple of books on purpose. One was this one, and another was, a couple years or so ago, I added a few of my own secrets to the few that were in Post Secret: http://www.elgar.govt.nz/record=b2155839~S1

    Aww someone returned your book? That's so sweet! And restores my faith in humankind :)