Thursday, December 19, 2013

Time to say goodbye, and introduce the 12 posts of Christmas

It's that time of year when we come at you with our annual 12 posts of Christmas - all kinds of crazily useful and terribly useless THINGS I have come across in our collections, on the interwebs, or while out and about in 'the outerwebs'. It is, not coincidentally, also our last series of posts. Once the 12 posts of Christmas updates are done, we will close the Top 5 Goodies blog for good. You'll still be able to come back and read it, however we will no longer update this space from 2 January 2014 on, and neither will the posts be open to new comments. This is, you see, my last week with Auckland Libraries. As a result, this series of posts - our annual 12 posts of Christmas - will be our last posts forever.

Back in 2010, Danielle and I set up this space to provide an informal place (and voice) for staff and customers to:

  1. read about our rich and diverse collections
  2. celebrate the joy of reading, learning and discovery
  3. comment about our posts in particular, or our services in general
  4. suggest lists topics/ideas they'd like to see represented here
  5. to have fun!

I like to think we achieved all 5 objectives. With that in mind, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you - family, friends, acquaintances, interwebs grazers - for your support and encouragement over the last three and a half years. It has been, will always and forever have been, a joy to have shared ALL OF THIS with you. Think about it - you let us babble on incoherently about fanfiction, romance novels, all things geeky, family related or work related, and have been the best audience anybody could ever want. We thought this was just going to be about library books, but it's also been an opportunity to share how much books influence a large part of who we are, and just how much they can change lives. And we are aware, everyday, of just how incredibly lucky we are that others have wanted to read about that, too

I have greatly enjoyed the fact that I got to jump on here and talk, randomly or purposefully, about our books, CDs and/or DVDs. Between editing some of our eNewsletters, posting to a couple of other blogs we have, and personal reading/listening/watching I was always up to my eyeballs in goodies and treasures. And so many of them generated the most hilarious lists. (In my head, anyway). It has been my *absolute pleasure* to have been able to run the Top 5 Goodies blog.

From tomorrow on, we'll be posting about all kinds of strange and wonderful things up to (and including) 1 January 2014. So we'll see you back here for one last hurrah.
 - tosca

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Fiona Mackie said...

Well Tosca and Danielle I only have one thing at the top of my list for you and that is sadness that I no longer get to vicariously download your brains! (Quietly weeping over my iPad)
All the best to both of you and Auckland Libraries and their readers will be the poorer for no longer having your posts, comments, suggestions, snarks and recommendations.
Arohanui, Fiona Mackie.