Saturday, July 27, 2013

5 new books about dessert because SUGAR GOOD obviously

"Have your cake and eat it... there's no other reason to have a cake!"
- Derren Brown

When I was an angry tertiary student, I spent most of my classes with Paul Moon arguing instead of learning. (I had the mostest, craziest respect for Prof Moon and, above any other lecturer I had, he pushed and challenged me the most). So...not much has changed since, then, really. I still argue more than listen :/ I remember in one particular class he and I were debating the concept of iwi being redefined. When I challenged him on something, he said to me, "Oh, you just want to have your cake and eat it, too." Without even thinking, I replied with, "BUT THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF CAKE!" That, re-phrased a little, is my outlook on life. After all, what is life without a little cake? Or without a little dessert? "Cake good" is my lifelong philosophy. It sits right up alongside of my other philosophies (I use that word very loosely) "Chocolate good" and "Sugar good" and, really, "Food good." (You get the idea). Quickish post in which I highlight 5 new dessert books we've received because, really, SUGAR FOREVER.

The caker : 50 new and unusual cake recipes / Jordan Rondel
Absolutely not your ordinary baking book: 50 outstanding and delicious recipes for cakes, cookies and cupcakes to bake at home, presented by the talented Jordan Rondel aka The Caker. The cakes are specialty treats not usually seen in cake shops. Some are gluten free, dairy free or vegan and Jordan uses as many organic ingredients as possible. The flavours are surprising combinations that will thrill your taste buds. From fig and raspberry cake, brown butter spice cake and earl grey tea cookies, to flourless black forest cupcakes, chai latte cake with condensed milk icing and black pepper, and peanut butter and jelly cake. Includes15 gorgeous icings and toppings, and top baking tips from The Caker herself.

Comfort pie / Kathryn Hawkins
From savoury to sweet, pies have always evoked special comforting memories of childhood for most people. Beautifully photographed throughout, Comfort Pie has recipes for large family pies as well as those individual pies you won't want to share! There are pastry recipes to create the perfect complement for your pie and 70 glorious mouth-watering recipes organised by filling. Using this book, the next pie you make will be a comforting, tasty meal everyone will enjoy.

Ms Cupcake : the naughtiest vegan cakes in town / Melissa Morgan
Includes Ms Cupcake's indulgent recipes to make at home using ingredients readily available at the supermarket or local shop. This title features recipes such as 'buttercream', fruity muffins, super-easy tray-bakes and no-bakes, gooey cookies, and crunchy biscuits.

 The Clandestine Cake Club cookbook / Lynn Hill
Across the UK and beyond, thousands of home bakers have been meeting covertly in hidden locations with the same simple mission: bake, eat and gossip about cake. Now, founder Lynn Hill and the members of the famous Clandestine Cake Club reveal their favourite recipes, from teatime treats and chocolatey indulgences to global bakes and seasonal extravaganzas.

Kiwiana cupcakes : cake pops and whoopie pies / Kirsten Day
Kirsten Day does cupcakes, cake pops and whoopie pies Kiwiana-style, creating delectable treats to celebrate our Kiwi culture. In full colour with never-fail recipes, tips and hints, advice on Kiwiana styling and variations on design.


syfygirl21 said...

Yes to sugar and yes to cake. I always love that line in the movie Michael where the archangel Michael says you can never have too much sugar. It's my philosophy for life

tosca said...

If only I could bake half as well as I like to eat - I'd be set for life LOL