Thursday, July 18, 2013

5 bookish pairs of shoes on Etsy

Sometimes, when I need a break/breather/time out, I jump on Etsy and look at bookish related THINGS and STUFF. Today? It was for shoes. Of any sort. In any colour. And all bookish in theme. I find it soothing. And, besides, Etsy, right? Where the heck else can I find a pair of Van Gogh exploding TARDIS Doctor Who flats, or Star Wars hand painted shoes, or a Twilight inspired high  heel shoe gift box? (Admittedly, this last one isn't something I would ever buy - I list it because HORRIFYING and SHAREABLE BECAUSE). And, man, don't even get me started on these Sterek shoes *flails* I look, but I never buy. For me, the enjoyment is in admiring what other people have created. Yes, even the strange/oddball/nonsensical stuff. I have perpetual artistic envy. Don't judge me. Believe you me, I judge me enough for the both of us. And here's a link to everything in Etsy you need in the way of shoes inspired by books. I know, right? You want to thank me *shifty look*

1. Walking Dead comic book shoes, Volume 3
Because WHY NOT? (Also: I read the books and enjoyed the hell out of them, and the tv series itself was an emotional roller coaster ride of fear induced squeals and screams (because, hullo, ZOMBIES). I find it kinda nerdy in that fist pump inspiring way that the seller specified these particular shoes are all about volume three.

* Request The walking dead, book 3

2. The Fault In Our Stars custom painted shoes
My top read of 2012. Cried and laughed all the way through it. (Mostly huddled under a blanket in a hotel in Toronto and using my iPhone as a flashlight). Also spotted a TFIOS inspired Okay? Okay! pair of slipons.

* Request The fault in our stars (keep a box of tissues ready because tears are inevitable)

3. Teal Harry Potter flats (multiple books)
Mostly? Because they're teal. Also? Because BOOKS.

* Request everything Harry Potter related in our libraries (and wow, there's lots)

4. Where the Wild Things Are handpainted TOMS (Youth)
My favouritest kids book ever, ever, ever. The end.

* Request Where the wild things are picture book
* Request Where the wild things are movie

5. Deadpool booties
Deadpool. Seriously, it's Deadpool. As crochet wear**, even. I don't know. What?

* Request EVERY Deadpool item we have (because you know you want to)

(** Initially had Deadpool booties listed as knitwear, but they're not, they're crochet wear, and yes it matters! Thank you, Selina, heh)

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