Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 books to get your craft on (it's a working title - what can I say?)

"I like to do designs on the side of my face, or cut out foil stickers from the crafts store and put them on my forehead."
- Khloe Kardashian

I need a hobby. Seriously.You've all heard me moan - either in real life or online - about how non-crafty I am. And yet I still keep trying to find a crafts-type hobby I can enjoy/do well. (Sometimes, I'm not so sure the two necessarily go hand in hand). The most fun activity I tried was Mod Podge-ing graphic novel images to everything. EVERYTHING. Shoes, bracelets, parasols, earrings, necklaces, brooches, 3D letters, toothbrush holder, a cup. Yes, a cup. It was at that point that I kind of thought "Maybe...this is enough?" How many more things can you Mod Podge X-Men to? (As I write this I'm looking around my desk thinking "My cubicle wall?" That might be a step too far. Possibly. So! Here I am on the hunt for a hobby again. Come June or July, if I end up being as bad at all of these below as I suspect I might be (remember the knitting incident of May 2012 that we agreed never to talk about? Yeah, that!), I think I'll be opting for music lessons at OMAC. By the way, I think I win at life for finding a Kardashian quote to go with this post. I don't do designs on the side of my face - most mornings I'm lucky if I can put eyeliner on without scribbling on the rest of my face by accident. Although I freely admit that I like the idea of cutting out foil stickers to put them on my forehead. Do with that what you will. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Zentangle. 5 / by Suzanne McNeill
Are you eager for more tangles? Are you ready to take tangling beyond pater - into the next dimension? Welcome to Zentangle 5 where tangles meet bling, encounter shrink plastic, dominate dominoes, and emerge as wearable art. Show off your passion for tangling with fashion jewelry artfully and uniquely tangled by you. Whether you make a bold statement to complement you jeans, accent an attitude, or just add a bit of bling to your day, you'll find an appealing project here; along with 40 new tangles to inspire your ever expanding repertoire of design possibilities. Zentangle 5 is all about pushing the limits, discovering cerativity and exploring new venues.

Granny chic : crafty recipes & inspiration for the handmade home / Tif Fussell & Rachelle Blondel ; photography by Catherine Gratwicke
Offers inspiration to keen crafters hoping to breathe life into vintage fabrics and second-hand objects. This book also offers advice on granny chic lifestyle, from befriending your local fabric shop to creating a handmade home. It is full of ideas that can have you rustling in your vintage fabric to find your inner granny chic crafting soul.

Craft-a-day : 365 simple handmade projects / by Sarah Goldschadt
Make something new every day of the year! Craft-a-Day offers daily inspiration along with weekly themes to kick-start your creativity. Make magnets, cupcake toppers, garlands, cards, wall art, finger puppets, and more! With 52 different themes, from rainbows and snowmen to ladybugs and groundhogs, you'll find fun and cuteness on every page. Author Sarah Goldschadt provides whimsical projects for easy crafts that require no advanced skills or crazy tools. Complete with handy patterns and how-to photos, Craft-a-Day challenges you to make something special, every day of the year.

101+ things to do with glitter / Momtaz Begum-Hossain
There is something magical about glitter. It reminds one of fairy dust or of disco balls, or of the dazzling dresses worn by film stars. Glitter comes in a rainbow of colours and types from the classic glitter well-loved by children to glittery fabrics to spray-on glitter and edible glitter! This book contains over 101 projects that you can create: shimmery fashion, glistening items for the home, shiny gifts and even twinkling food! Not only will you learn a little about how glitter is made and the many types of glitter, but the author also offers tips and techniques for using glitter - and cleaning it up! Projects created by the author and contributors from across the world will inspire readers to add their own touches and release that creative urge that lurks somewhere within us all. The projects range from t-shirts, shoes and tote-bags to lipgloss, bath salts and soaps, to chocolate truffles, glittery jam and iced biscuits and so many more. All, of course, using the right glitter for the job!

Tosca's comment: One of the funniest glitter-related quotes I know is "Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies." And, okay, I admit it, I'm juvenile, and that's partly why I heart the idea of this title/book. I'm not so convinced about the twinkling food, however I'll give it a go. It's not like I have to eat it right? That's what siblings are for. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it).

You are awesome : 21 crafts to make you happy / Abbey Hendrickson
Abbey Hendrickson writes a blog called Aesthetic Outburst documenting her life in an old farmhouse in rural New York. In between DIY disasters, childcare catastrophes and cultural consumption, Abbey makes some fantastic and funky craft projects, which she sells through her Etsy shop.

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