Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 links

A quick roundup of bookish/library-ish/literacy-ish related links I've picked out of all of the hundreds (yes, hundreds) in my inbox that I think you might enjoy. I know, right? You're welcome!

How to save a public library: Make it a seed bank
NPR. Quick 3 minute story about how Basalt library (Colorado) lends books...and seeds. Yes, seeds! (Also: If you've never checked out NPR's site - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!)

At a library, an outpouring of support, and new dolls
New York Times City Room blog. A children's librarian at Ottendorfer Library (New York) came up with the idea of lending a doll. (I admit it: I cried just a little).

Sendak's 'Brother's book': An elegy, a farewell
NPR. Renee Montagne interviews Tony Kushner about Maurice Sendak's My brother's book. Sendak is forever my most favourite children's picture book author for reasons inarticulate. (Seriously, I can never talk coherently about my Sendak feels and, yes, I cried like my heart was breaking when I learned of his death in May 2011).

American icons: The Outsiders
Radio series from Studio 360. I adored SE Hinton's books growing up. I felt like her characters, more than any others I read/liked, were ones I identified with so strongly. It wasn't that I was disaffected, or rebellious - I wasn't, particularly, if anything I was a dorky kid. I think it was more that they were all struggling to find where they fit in the world. They were at the beginning and the end of something that would move them from the life they knew that wasn't always so crash hot, to something OTHER. Something big. Something momentous. I think that was/is eternally me. I really enjoyed this interview.

Digital comics are getting cheaper
Publisher's Weekly. "...as availability grows, there’s still inconsistency in what titles are available on which platform. And discounts are all over the map."

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