Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 crafts you can make with old graphic novels

Graphic novels. Comic books. Call them what you want, it doesn't matter to me. I'll read them whatever name they go by. Often, at Armageddon each year, I'll buy up a crapload of cheap ones and then not know what to do with them after. It's not like I buy expensive or rare ones that break my bank. When I visit any of our branches I always check out the withdrawn sale books especially for graphic novels, and buy them LIKE A FIEND. Once I've read them, well, I'm stuck with falling-to-bits books. What's a girl to do? TURN THEM INTO CRAFTS and wear the most badass gear you can! This? This fills my geek girl heart with ohsomuch joy and feels. I don't see it as cutting up comics. I see it more as extending the enjoyment I get out of them. Judge me. Judge me not. It don't bother me none :) Here are 5 crafts you can make with old graphic novels. All of which I intend to try out over the next few weeks. In fact, #1 I can already cross off the list. (Mr9's effort is the image for today's post. He swears by it. Minus, you know, the actual swear words). If there's one teeny, tiny comment I have, it's that all of these are kinda girly. That's not a bad thing. I'd just like some stuff for guys. My nephews love the idea of these, they just don't want to wear charm bracelets or kickass heels :) Maybe that's a future post - comic book crafts for guys/guy gifts.

Release your inner craft nerd with this DIY comic book alphabet
via In which Elizabeth Giorgi cuts up graphic novels - ooohhh sacrilegious - and makes 3D letters look BAM! KAPOW! ZAP! Yes, that good :) ARGH! Where has this craft been all my life? So! Popped down to Typo and purchased 3 letters *fidgets and refuses to make eye contact* Specifically, the letters W and T and F. Okay, I know what you're thinking but really DON'T JUDGE ME. People who live in glass houses shouldn't walk around naked because, really, really? I eventually want the letters OMGWTFBBQ because, at heart, I am an idiot. So! As I was saying, I bought the letters WTF, took them home, yanked out cheapie comics I'd bought at Armageddon and started cutting, pasting and smoothing. Along comes Mr9 and he's all "I'm doing it, too!" And there you go. No longer are the letters WTF mine :/ Sure, I could go and buy some that spell his name - Kalani - and let him decorate those to hell and back BUT he enjoyed the activity, he got his geek on, and he doesn't know what WTF stands for, anyway. (And we're not about to tell him. Are we? No).

Batman comic book flats
via Like WHOA. Do want! In the worst way possible. My only fear is that they will crack :( Well, that and I might need to buy out a Mod Podge factory just to keep up with all of the things I want to glue comic book pages to. This...this is going to turn into an obsession for me, isn't it? Strangely, I'm okay with that. THIS is what I'm crafting up this weekend. Just, you know, not with Batman. Maybe Supergirl or Batgirl. Because REASONS.

DIY Weekend: Comic book bracelets
via Anybody who knows me knows that I adore necklaces and bracelets. My collection of them isn't anything classy. In fact, they're all big, gaudy and plastic because that's how I roll. So the chance to make what are, essentially, comic book charm bracelets? WIN! Total win.

DIY Killer comic book heels
via Ironspy on Tumblr: I LOVE when you can make something kick ass that costs more in time than money. I don't wear heels. Well, no, that's not quite true. I wear them, I just don't LIKE them. I have no sense of balance in them and, more often than not, find any excuse to kick them off...and then have to scrabble around for them after. But this craft? ALMOST tempts me into wearing them *makes grabby hands* Instead, though, I'm going to make them as gifts for siblings. Also: I need to invest in, like, a lifetime supply of Mod Podge because, seriously, it is crack for crafters. And if you don't think comic book heels can be kickass then, HELLO, reality check coming up!

Comic book bracelets
via Don' I think I'm having more comic book feels *wrings hands* I want to make these SO. BAD. Most *especially* if I can find a Wonder Woman one like the example at Don'tEatThePaste. SQUEE!

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