Friday, January 4, 2013

5 fandom New Year resolutions I've made

"New Year's Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time."
- James Agate

I abhor most resolution making. Things like 'Lose weight' and 'Spend less time online' and 'Watch less tv' and 'Spend quality time with family' and 'Have meaningful conversations' are a waste of time for me. I enjoy food, I heart being online, I adore tv, I share a house with siblings and quality time happens to be whatever we're doing at that moment, and I challenge you to define 'meaningful conversations.' Resolutions like that are just another thing I won't keep/maintain/follow. It's because I lack discipline, probably. Well, that and I could care less about any of those. I'd wager that at 37, that attitude isn't going to change much at all. I'm okay with that. The kind of resolutions I've decided I am making this year, though, are ones that I can 1) easily keep and that 2) hold my interest because they 3) speak to the fangirl in me. Truly. Like today's list that is made up of 5 fandom New Year resolutions I'm setting down for 2013. Bring it!

11 Doctors in 11 months
By my reckoning, I have 11 months to get through 11 Doctors before its 50th birthday in November. (Mind you, though, maths was never my forte because I was a music and languages kinda girl, so I could be way off). Tom Baker was my first Doctor and, as a result, my most favourite. I remember being three years old and watching Baker and knowing, absolutely, that I would forever more have a companion bag packed and ready to go because, you never know, right? And so in honour of one of the shows I've followed the longest, I'm going to watch every single episode of Doctor Who over the next 11 months. Yes, even the earlier ones with special effects (and I use that term VERY loosely) that make me laugh/snort.

Salute the awesomeness that is Sheldon Cooper and stage a Big Bang Theory re-watch of all seasons
Mostly because, looking back at however many seasons of Big Bang Theory there are, I'm pretty sure I've missed one or two somewhere along the way. HOW? I DON'T KNOW. I only know it has to be fixed. Pronto! I'm almost certain that were Sheldon an actual person that I know, he'd annoy me in ohsomany ways, and I'd probably want to kick him in the kneecaps on a daily basis. On tv, however, I love him times infinity and want to put him in my pocket and feed him crackers. Or something. (Considering I can barely keep pot plants alive for two weeks that might not end well). He is, like, King of the Nerds, as far as I'm concerned. I would say that I heart him so much I want to BE him but, really *ponders that* That would not be a good combination. Not at all. Instead, I shall marathon watch it like nobody has ever marathon watched it before.

Introduce Mr9 to the wonder that is Star Wars - yes, even the prequels
When Mr15 and Mr14 were, roughly, Mr10 and Mr11, I felt that Star Wars was pivotal to their development as a human being, (maybe a *slight* exaggeration), and so I staged a marathon re-watch of the original episodes one weekend. We camped out in the lounge and lived on popcorn and coke for the duration and OH the shock/horror/awe/delight they showed. It was a stellar moment. Later that same year we watched the prequels, although with much less fanfare. Let me clarify: I appreciate the prequels, I'm just not a fan of them. And yes, I'll be following that same screening schedule with Mr9 and hoping he sees the wonder that countless others before him have seen. Failing that, I just hope he has a good time. (If he does not like them even a little bit, though, I will be desolate. DESOLATE, I tell you).

Watch the newer Battlestar Galactica
I watched a lot of television in the 70s/80s. I was never satisfied with the armchairs or sofas in the lounge. I had to sit right in front of the television. My uncles all nicknamed me 'Square Eyes' and, every time they see me now as an adult, they always ask "Do you still sit right in front of the tv, Eggbert?" (I should explain here that Eggbert is my nickname and, also, the 'Square Eyes' joke is getting old *disgruntled look*). One show I adored watching up close was the original Battlestar Galactica. I wanted their lives and, if not their lives, THEM IN MINE: Commander Adama as my gramps, Apollo as my big brother, and Starbuck as my bestest friend. Even mum's ginormous teddy bear (that made a farting noise when you pushed it) fell victim to my early fandom-ness and quickly became my very own (although very less animated) Muffit. (Rest in peace, ginormous teddy bear, you were the best Muffit a little four year old girl could ever have hoped for). The show got canned in 1979 but I don't really remember that. (Cut me some slack, people, I was four years old). I'm not even sure what I replaced it with. Maybe CHiPs? Or Jamie and the Magic Torch? (Although I think that got canned in '79, too, and OMG this is showing me that I have a 33 year history of falling in love with shows that get cancelled!). I have friends who are horrified I've never seen the newer series. (Did it get canned, too?). It's just that it pops up on my Tumblr dashboard every now and then, and I got kinda curious about it, so this year, I'm taking the leap. (Tumblr, if you didn't know, is the haven of all fangirls - okay, maybe not quite, but more than a few of us hang out there and use it for fandom squeeing reasons. Others, it should be noted, use it for more 'responsible' and 'grown-up' reasons like arty things).

Find fandoms other than Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Teen Wolf
*winces* This one hurts me so much it feels like a physical pain in my (lump of coal that vaguely serves as a) heart. And I'm only writing about it. Imagine what I'll be like when I actually get around to finding other fandoms. The three fandoms listed above are ones I follow obsessively. Not 'almost' obsessively, but 'obsessively': searching Tumblr for screen caps, reading fanfic (ALL of it - the good, the bad and the dirty), following online gossip or news, weighing in with online and in-person debates, listening to podcasts (or reading posts) where they dissect each episode line by line, reading episode transcripts (once I even contemplated offering to help write some up) name it and I've, very possibly, indulged in it. That's how big my love of these shows is. Other fandoms I've kinda dabbled in half-heartedly. It gets pointed out often, though, that I'm very narrow in my shows, so I thought I could hunt around and maybe branch out a little. Baby steps, though, so I'm going to start with the series Chuck. I'm partway through season one, and so far I'm liking it. I'm not sure where to from there. Maybe Stargate? Yes, you can look at me with your Judgey McJudgerson eyes because I've never watched any of the Stargate series *blows raspberry* If you have suggestions feel free to leave them as comments! I'll try everything.


Sally said...

For new fandomness - Firefly? I mean, there's not a lot to watch, so it wont take long to get all caught up, but if you do take to it then it also means that you'll suffer the same outrage all Firefly fans feel about its thoroughly undeserved premature demise. (Though we did get a film. Yay!)

Marlowe said...

Promise me you wont play the BluRay edition of Star Wars for Mr9 (No!!!!! *winces*)

breve711 said...

Stargate! and Buffy/Angel.
I do the Big Bang Theory re-watch constantly (have all 5 seasons on dvd) and I LOVE IT!
If I was to do a resolution, it would be to watch the tv series' I have on dvd that I haven't opened yet (TSCC season 2, BSG season 1, Dollhouse season 1, American Gothic...) there's a whole bunch

tosca said...

Sally: Firefly is MUCH goodness! I adored it. Adore it still :) More so than Buffy, actually O.O

tosca said...

Marlowe: BluRay edition of Star Wars is an absolutely NO NO for Mr9. Je refuse! :)

tosca said...

breve711: I was all over Big Bang Theory like . And then I read a post/rant about all the ways in which it actually doesn't do a lot to honour geeks/nerds, but does more to tear them down. It kinda made something go CLICK in my brain. I still plan to stage a re-watch, though, because some parts of it I absolutely love.

Confession: I have never seen Dollhouse. Should I add it to my list?

breve711 said...

i read that post about big bang too...but i'm not going to let it ruin the show for me. i have issues bout how they treat penny too(dumb blonde who drinks too much and sleeps around *rolls eyes)
dollhouse is weird lol. i've watched sporadically because until last month i never watched tv online :/ so if i missed it on c4 i didn't see it at all. but i might have a marathon over the weekend...will let you know. you should definitely try stargate though.