Monday, December 17, 2012

5 CDs to take on a girlie summer road trip

"House rules, Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole."
- Dean Winchester (as played by Jensen Ackles and I had my photo taken with him la la la la) in Supernatural, season 1, episode 1

Summer is here! And I'm a melted popsicle. Seriously, this heat? *keels over* It's only two days worth of it and I'm already voting we adopt the custom of siesta like the Spanish have. Is it so terrible that I was making up a to-do list that would involve sitting in the car just so I could have cool air? I see you silently judging me. If this were twitter, my hashtag for this moment would be #unrepentant. My sibling and I have planned a road trip home to the Far North for Christmas. Think lazy days exploring Ninety Mile Beach or driving up to the Cape for spiritual feels. I'm not allowed to drive her car. For a number of good reasons, all of which begin and end with my terrible taste in angry girl music that then leads to my driving like, well, an angry girl. That doesn't stop me from enjoying the drive, though, because everybody knows that the best part of any girlie road trip is, of course, the music. And I'm prepared! I so am. Two of the five CDs I'm taking are all about the nostalgia - they remind me of long, hot summers in Wellington visiting family or being at the beach. (After all, what is Wellington but a series of never ending beaches? You win, Wellington! You really do). Two CDs are by women whose music I've only kinda discovered this year, and I'm really appreciating their retro feel. And the other CD is just because I can. Roll on girlie road trip because I WILL BE IN YOU!

What music is necessary road trip music for you?

Ten guitars 3: 40 songs from heartland New Zealand / Various
Ten Guitars 3 follows on from Ten Guitars 1 and Ten Guitars 2. Each compilation features roughly 40 hit songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. And maybe even a few tracks a little more modern than that. Artists include Dave Dobbyn, Little River Band, Kenny Rogers, Hot Chocolate, Smokey Robinson, Tom Jones, Hollie Smith, Ardijah, UB40, Dr. Hook, and ohsomany more. This album reminds me of Wellington summers. Rock on, nostalgia. (Image courtesy of JB Hi-Fi).

Treble and reverb / Aaradhna
My only experience of Aaradhna's music was her first album, Sweet Soul Music and that, from memory, was four years ago. I liked it, but I like her new album MUCH MOAR. Her voice in Treble and reverb mixed with that old school doo-wop music (that she calls Retro/Metro)? Gah. Do like. My fav track - and don't judge me for it - is Lorena Bobbitt. It's SUCH a catchy song. I mean, sure, "Have you heard of that girl Lorena Bobbitt? Well, you're gonna meet her..." could be deemed a little...threatening, but it's done in such a lovely way O.O Take this out! You will not regret it, and if you don't believe me check out the clips for Lorena Bobbitt and Wake Up. (Image courtesy of JB Hi-Fi).

Music from the winery tour 2007-2013 / Various
The Winery Tour started in February 2007, and will celebrate its 100th show during the 2013 tour. This compilation includes Bic Runga, Boh Runga, Brooke Fraser, Goldenhorse, Anika Moa, Dave Dobbyn, OPSHOP, Finn/Runga/Dobbyn, Boh Runga & Che Fu, Midnight Youth, Avalanche City, The Mutton Birds, Gin Wigmore and the 2013 line up. (Image courtesy of JB Hi-Fi).

Black eagle / Iva Lamkum
I'm not sure how this happened but I had never heard Iva Lamkum's voice until I saw the music video for her song Raise your glass. And I instantly fell in like. Lamkum's exotic looks (born in Wellington but with Samoan/Chinese/NZ heritage) and that voice OMG that bluesy, deep, soulful voice and her unusual sense of fashion just makes me go ARGH in the best way possible. You think I'm kidding but I'm really not. (Image courtesy of JB Hi-Fi).

The great New Zealand songbook / Various
The 4CD compilation that combines all the classic kiwi songs from both previous collections. This version includes the All Blacks haka. (Image courtesy of JB Hi-Fi)


syfygirl21 said...

My roadie music is stuff you can play loud and sing along too. Good old Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet album is good as is any compilation albums featuring music from the 60's,70's and 80's.

tosca said...

I saw Bon Jovi the last time they came to NZ. It was like a girlish dream come true. I'd always wanted to see them as an adolescent (with way too many hormones and nowhere to focus them except on hair bands during the 80s, geez) but never did. IT WAS TEH AWESOME.