Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 new books to help you make/craft/grow/cook in the holidays

List by Danielle

'Having a two-year-old is like having a blender that you don't have the top for.'
~ Jerry Seinfeld

School holidays are coming up fast, guys, and the weather's finally starting to show the odd dry patch. Here is a taster of the latest books for kid-friendly activities from the New Titles list, but there are plenty more where these come from (jump on the catalogue and browse through books on cooking, games, gardening and crafting with kids). Get a shot of fresh inspiration these holidays, from simple and delicious recipes and ideas for stuff to make and do and grow and go outside and muck around with, to books that will make you laugh and say yes, SO TRUE, how awesome that it's not just my family that does that (recent fave: Katie Workman's Mom 100 Cookbook, just hilarious and very recognisable).

Also new on the shelves this month for parents:
Fed up with frenzy : slow parenting in a fast-moving world / Susan Sachs Lipman ; illustrations by Lippy
Between demanding jobs and after school activities, families today are busier and more frenzied than ever. What if there were a way for parents to slow everything down and once again spend quality time together with their children? Family expert Susan Sachs Lipman recognizes how desperately families need to slow down and reconnect with one another. Fed Up with Frenzy is packed with simple and affordable games, crafts, and activities to help parents be more present with their children as they trade a lifestyle of frenzy for fun.

Children love to get their hands dirty and this book is packed with exciting and educational projects that will keep them entertained in both the kitchen and garden. It contains more than 300 activities and recipes, from growing your own fruit and vegetables, to cooking them for yummy results. Beautifully illustrated and bursting with ideas, this is an ideal hands-on guide and is sure to provide hours of entertainment for the entire family.

Show me a story / by Emily K. Neuburger
Children love to make up stories, and these 40 creative projects and activities encourage them to free their storytelling instincts. Younger children will love making story stones and a storytelling jar, and then will love using them to create stories of their own, while older kids will enjoy word grab bags, story walks, and journaling exercises. For everyone ages 5 to 12, whatever their reading level, this book has everything needed to spark an infinite number of child-created stories.

Keeping the little blighters busy / Claire Potter ; illustrated by Mark Beech Food dudes: exciting challenges and alternative ways to experience food -- Walk this way: turn a walk into an adventure with these out-of-the-ordinary ideas -- Art with a twist: quirky and engaging ways to get them absorbed in art -- Design and construction: inventive projects for designing and making in a 'real-life' way -- Chinwaggers: unique and stimulating ideas to get them talking -- Wordsmiths: original and creative ways to experiment with the written word -- Hidden teasure: two ingenious treasure hunts, one for big kids and one for little ones -- Spicing up everyday life: add an element of surprise and fun to the day-to-day routine -- Garden antics: imaginative ideas to keep them entertained and happy in your on back garden -- 'Tis the season to be: fresh inspiration to help celebrate those special days of the year.

Who knew that kids could be such great gardening companions? This book will inspire you to get dirty, plant seeds and enjoy a garden's delicious rewards with your children. Through simple, practical gardening advice with lots of engaging, family-friendly garden activities, this book provides guidance for working with your children in the garden.

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