Saturday, September 1, 2012

5 geeky graphic novel/comic book links

"Using comics to promote literacy? Well I’d hope comics would do so anyway, regardless of "trends"." - Declan Shalvey

KAPOW! BANG! KABLAM! Holy birthday cake, Batman - it's Comic Book Month :) Throughout September we're celebrating the wonderful world of graphic novels/comics with a series of events, competitions and workshops taking place across the city. I remember last year when Onehunga Library had a Cosplay parade and customers/dressed up as characters. It looked like so much FUN *sigh* I wish I could've been there to see it. Don't miss out like I did - find out now what's happening this September. I'm feeling a tad bit guilty at the moment because our New Titles lists were posted this morning and within err ten minutes I'd found/requested 13 new graphic novels because obviously I don't have enough to read. Oops. Knowing my luck they'll all turn up at once and instead of finishing my assignment I'll be nose deep in superheroes, villains and kickbutt plans to save the world. Life being normal, then heh. To kickstart my Comic Book Month celebration I'm sharing 5 geeky graphic novel/comic book links that y'all might enjoy.(One I use all the time, and the rest I've started following recently-ish). Feel free to suggest sites/blogs you follow - I never say no to new links. Happy Comic Book Month, everyone!

Do you read comics?

Geek Crafts - in particular their comic book tags
From the website: At Geek Crafts we talk about crafts inspired by all things geek. Video games, television, movies, and more are all covered here. Have you found a geeky craft we haven’t blogged about yet? Did you make something geeky yourself? Tell us all about it!

I adored the Superhero Wristies and Avengers Inspired Mini Bows they featured in one of their posts and, having enjoyed the film like mad - I salute the awesomeness that is Joss Whedon - I checked out more of their posts.

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  • Insta-cookie - Wait, what? Cookies shaped and iced like Instagram? WIN!
  • Enter the Dragon!
  • Den of Geek - Books & comics tag

    Listed here BECAUSE REASONS! I adore them because, generically, I heart nerdy/geeky blogs, but I particularly adore ones that recommend comics/graphic novels. I'm always on the lookout for reading recommendations. My problem with graphic novels is that there are too many and I have no idea where to look next, so I try what others suggest. And so far, these guys haven't put me wrong, whether it's comics-into-film, interviews, or the lowdown on upcoming story arcs. FTW!

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  • 15 novels eclipsed by their movie adaptations
  • Comic Geek Speak - Comics in Motion
    From the website: Comic Geek Speak (CGS) was started in March, 2005 when Bryan and Peter decided to try their hand at the then-new world of podcasting. They quickly invited their friends to join them and then the show was complete.

    CGS initially released one or two episodes a week, but before long they were cranking out three. Nowadays, the CGS crew produces daily episodes (Monday through Friday) ranging from regular episodes to more focused episodes, such as Footnotes, World of Toys or Exploring Bede.

    CGS is far more than just a few friends in a room with microphones. CGS is now a worldwide community of comic fans that helps to foster and grow the love of comics that is vital to the industry's success.

    I've been working my way through the site as a whole although, being that we're celebrating Comic Book Month, I'm focusing on their Comics in Motion podcasts. They make good background listening while I'm editing eNewsletters, or queueing up blogposts, etc.

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  • Comic Book Resources - CBR
    From the site: Comic Book Resources (CBR) is the premier online comics magazine. Renowned for it's high quality and diverse content and active community, CBR draws the most loyal audience of users. We serve over 3.8 million unique visitors every month (Google Analytics, January, 2010).

    CBR is my #1 go to site for comic updates, news, gossip, and interviews. It's hard to hold myself back from tweeting every thing that comes out of their site. I do, though. Just barely :)

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  • Comics Bulletin
    Comic book news, reviews, interviews and more. Fairly new discovery for me, and still checking things out. Being a list freak (like you couldn't tell by this blog) I heart their Top Ten lists.

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