Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 new foodie DVDs

Will looked horrified. "What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?"
― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

The first day of every month is my favourite library day. I almost wish I could say because something spectacular and wondrous happens, but that isn't the case. (Well, it is to me, but wouldn't necessarily be so for anybody else). It's totally geeky, and you'll probably laugh (go ahead, you have my permission to do so) - the first day of the month is when our new titles lists are updated. It used to be a digital services tradition that when they were posted we'd go through the new romance list and read aloud the best and the worst of the titles (seriously, I adore romance novels, but where do they keep finding all these breathlessly silly virgins and autocratic megazillionaire tycoons?). Post-amalgamation, and with the four of us in different parts of the city, it's not something I do the same way, anymore. Sure, I still heart the lists, and I'll still read them (this one I've saved until the end of this month), I'll just do it at home in the evenings and chortle to myself. (Ok, it sounds more pathetic than it is, trust me). My unabashed love of the DVD documentary list runs a close second to the romance one, and with good reason. Well, five good reasons this month, and all to do with food. More specifically, Spain (oh, how I heart you, Monsieur Stein! You make me want to turn the world into one great, big, long epicurean curiosity), British chocolatiers (WIN!), a cake boss (say it with a New Jersey accent, you know you want to), a bit of River Cottage attitude, and the bad boy of baking. Et voilà, I give you 5 new foodie DVDs. I don't think there's anything I can add to that, really, except bon appétit!

Choccy woccy doodah. Season 1 [DVD videorecording]
Behind the scenes of Britain's most famous chocolaterie. Choccywoccydoodah is a series that follows the internationally acclaimed Brighton based cake shop and its team of talented and quirky chocolatiers as they create chocolate masterpieces that are quite simply out of this world. Each year they produce 7500 cakes, build cakes 6 feet tall, charge up to 9K a piece and boast a celebrity client list that includes Madonna, Hugh Grant, Bob Geldof, Kylie, Katie Price and the Scissor Sisters - they even make all the chocolate for Tim Burton's movies including Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland. When it comes to beautiful unique mega cakes these guys are the best in the business. Each episode sees boss Christine and her maverick team building bespoke cake creations for a quite extraordinary range of people. Be prepared to be transported to a chocolate world like you've never seen before; magical enticing and quite fantastical! Rating: PG - Parental guidance recommended for younger viewers. Note: Coarse language.

Rick Stein's Spain [DVD videorecording] / a Denham Production for BBC TV ; produced by David Pritchard and Arezoo Farahzad ; directed by David Pritchard
Using his friend's old campervan, Rick Stein climbs abroad to travel the length and breadth of Spain in search of a culinary duende - a flamenco term, implying a sense of soul, expression and authenticity... Originally broadcast as a documentary on BBC television in 2011. Presented by Rick Stein. Rating: G - Suitable for general audiences.

Cake boss. Wedding special [DVD videorecording]
It's wedding season and the time-consuming wedding cake orders are piling up, throwing Buddy and his team off the handle. This special edition of Cake Boss features the best and worst wedding cake moments from Seasons 1-3. From 14 couples wanting to get married in a mass ceremony on Valentine's Day to Brides Magazine asking to run a photo spread on Carlo's Bakery - everyone wants Buddy's out-of-this-world cake creations. Buddy even meets a Bridezilla who thinks she can design a better cake than him! Rating: PG. Parental guidance recommended for yournger viewers. Note: violence & coarse language.

River cottage everyday [DVD videorecording]
Written and presented by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is back with River Cottage Everyday. Hugh takes River Cottage back to the nation, demonstrating that his philosophy has relevance and a use for everyone on a daily basis. Over eight episodes - Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, Bread, Lunch, Breakfast and finally Treats, Hugh will examine our relationship with each of these categories and shows how by injecting a bit of River Cottage attitude these relationships can be significantly improved. Hugh intends to encourage people to cook from scratch more frequently. Can he lure people away from the ubiquitous breakfast cereal and instead enjoy an empowering pancake? Can he persuade an office canteen to forgo cholesterol laden potato chips in favour of a lovingly prepared packed lunch? Hugh demonstrates how to make the most of leftovers, turning scraps destined for the bin into delectable fare for the lunch box, and visits the homes of everyday folk to take them on a transformational journey of a lifetime. Rating: PG: Parental guidance recommended for younger viewers. Note: Contains low level offensive language.

Ace of cakes. Season 1-3 collection [DVD videorecording]
Meet the bad boy of baking. If you can dream it Duff Goldman and his team of artists and bakers at Baltimore's Charm City Cakes can make it into a cake. As Duff says "This is not your mom's cake shop." Duff's rock n' roll spirit and endless creativity makes him one of most wildly inventive culinary artisans you'll ever meet. Now the first three seasons of his show Ace of Cakes is available in a 5 DVD set meaning you can catch up on all the episodes and relive the making of some of Charm City's now-legendary cakes such as the Art Deco cake the flamingo cakes Jay Leno's engine cake and many more. Rating: PG - parental guidance recommended for younger viewers. Note: coarse language.


syfygirl21 said...

I adore foodie dvds too. Rick Steins Spain was just great, the food, the colours, the scenery. Makes you want to just hop on a fly and go there right now

tosca said...

I missed him when he came to NZ and delivered a show. If he comes back again, I intend to be there with bells on. My mother and I watched Rick Stein's French Odyssey and she said to me, "I'd like to do something like that. An epicurean tour of a country, or a particular region." It had never occurred to me until then that I could, even though I adore the idea of combining food with travel. So, maybe not today, but some day, I'd like to do just that.