Friday, June 1, 2012

5 more CDs for NZ Music Month

List by Danielle

'Thank you for inviting me round for tea, what a lovely garden this is, your house is so nice
Yes, I'd love some crostini, did you make it? how crunchy, shall I open the wine?'
~ Goon, from 'Mofoso'

Music Month part two: five cds just a little bit louder, rockier and more raucous than the first list (metrosexual lyrics above aside, and you really need to listen to the ominous bassline in the song above to get the full effect). Also, there are swears on some of these - you are warned. Thanks again to Amplifier for all of the band info.

Honourable mention:
Local Kid / Fur Patrol: how could I not listen to one of the NZ rockers that Tosca most wanted to be?

The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands / HLAH (Head Like A Hole)
Chalkface -- Comfortably shagged -- Mr Bastard -- Fish across face -- Sleazebadge -- Faster hooves -- Cornbag -- Chevrolet -- Nevermind today -- Maharajah -- I'm on fire -- Doctors and nurses -- Top heavy -- Wallow -- Spanish goat dancer -- Keith -- Crying shame -- Wet rubber -- Hootenanny -- Air -- Velvet Kushion.

More about Head Like A Hole: Metal rockers who used to delight uni friends of mine, back in the day. I seem to remember some story about playing naked, and a bubble machine, but maybe I dreamt it?

Roofdog (self titled)
Slap on the wrist -- Why -- Timmy blues -- Bomb -- Cows -- Metalliska -- Dance -- Rack -- G.E. -- Solidarity -- Eat shit -- Timmy dub.

More about Roofdog: their sound is 'guitar driven ska', according to Amplifier. Fast-paced and energetic - a great cd to listen to if you're feeling sluggish in the morning. Another great piece of cover art.

Boy Girl Boy / Goon
Van -- Don't jump ship -- Givetotake -- Nicks song -- Have you seen my girl -- The slide -- When you are mine -- Can't dance -- Into the scene -- Mofoso -- Another day.

More about Goon: an indie pop/rock group from Auckland with occasionally mournful but very catchy songs. According to the header on their most excellent website, 'Goon is a band': you can also catch their self-made music vids there! And, um, nude bottoms.

The other half -- Blue skies -- The house ain't a home -- Voice of reason -- Waiting in line -- Thanks for the memories -- Freddy Fudd naked again -- Something to hold -- The weight of living large -- The words will write themselves.

More about The Outsiders: Amplifier is pretty quiet about Wellington group the Outsiders, so here goes... punk rock? Erm. *shrugs* Fast and raucous and fun - great music for driving or dancing to.

No Need To Be Nervous / Marystaple
Starter -- 3,2,1 -- Accelerator -- Canna shakem -- Take our place -- Shake them bones -- Spacegirl -- Roll the dice -- Blue wasp -- Cross my fingers -- What I heard -- Bringing me down -- Stormy rain.

More about Marystaple: indie rockers from Wellington - Amplifier tells of the recording of this, their debut album, which tried to catch the band's energetic live dynamic. Cool airplanes. And that's another NZ Music Month! Choooooice.

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