Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 books by Gok Wan

Gok: If I set this up for you, will you invite me to your wedding?
Melissa: Yes! It's in Rarotonga...
Gok: *confused look* I don't know what that is.
Melissa: It's an island. It has Rarotongan boys.
Gok: I love boys!

- Gok Wan, British fashion consultant, 30 May 2012 (and I know he said this because I was there to hear it)

I have never watched an episode of Gok Wan's show How to look good naked, so when I saw the signs start popping up in Westfield Manukau advertising an in-mall appearance, it didn't mean anything to me. I'd walk past the posters and smile because something about him - he's quite adorkable, really - makes me do that. That's not to say I don't know who he is. I do. I'm not totally clueless. I've just never watched his show. (I'll be honest and admit I don't watch America's next top model OR Project runway, either). Yesterday, on the way to work, and after having walked past yet another poster with his face on it, I decided I'd go and have a look during my lunchbreak, and drag Natalie and Jolene with me. After having seen Gok in action yesterday, I have to say, I'd be more inclined to watch his show now. Not because he takes women and shows them how to dress well and with confidence (a knack I've never mastered and think very little about - some mornings it's hard to remember to put on matching shoes), but because he's funny. Actually, he's hilarious. I spent the entire time screaming with laughter. I think the women who put their hands up to have makeovers done were extremely brave. A colleague asked me later, "What did you learn from watching the show?" THIS! That Gok is riotously funny, cleavage is (very probably always) in, and you should use belts. In that order. Well worth working late to make up for the extended lunchbreak. When I got back to my desk, though, I wondered what books or DVDs we have of Gok's. And so there you go - today's list: 5 books by Gok Wan.

Work your wardrobe : Gok's gorgeous guide to style that lasts / Gok Wan
Any wardrobe war zone can be turned into a style sanctuary with fashion stylist Gok Wan’s advice in this guide. Everyone wants to look and feel great—clothes are a great way to get an instant confidence boost—and doing this without spending a fortune seems impossible. But it’s simple with Gok, who gives readers the confidence to create fresh new looks from the clothing they already have, displaying different outfit combinations and how to wear those wardrobe heroes in a new, fabulously stylish way. Everyone knows that a crisp white shirt looks great at the office, but here Gok demonstrates how to dress it down on the weekend for that casual-chic look. By guiding readers through each basic in turn, from the little black dress to those comfy jeans, he makes any wardrobe instantly more versatile and frees women to update their look every season without breaking the bank. Packed with Gok's trademark advice on shopping for any shape, his golden rules and hints on what to avoid, plus insider style tips from celebrities and those in the know, this book will be any fashionista's very own one-on-one personal wardrobe-fixing session with Gok.

Through thick and thin : my autobiography / Gok Wan
In a short space of time, Gok Wan's infectious energy and charisma have made him an essential and much-loved part of Britain's TV landscape. He dominates the Channel 4 schedules with no less than three shows: How to Look Good Naked, Gok's Fashion Fix and Miss Naked Beauty, has published bestselling style guides to go with them, and he is also a regular presenter on The TV Book Club. Gok has an amazing ability to make us feel wonderful about ourselves, but it's not until you read his own story that you learn where he got that gift from. Bullied and tormented both at school and on the housing estate where he grew up, Gok bounced back to become first a stylist to the stars and then every woman's best friend. Whether he's telling us about his loving, larger-than-life family or how he reinvented himself at the age of 20 by losing a miraculous ten stone in nine months, his autobiography contains all the intimacy, wit and warmth we've come to know and love him for.

How to dress : your complete style guide for every occasion / Gok Wan
Sartorial superstar Gok Wan from TV's How to Look Good Naked is every girl's favorite style guru and confidence booster. His fantastic new guide has all the advice and inspiration you'll ever need to look and feel totally fabulous, whatever the occasion. Packed with Gok's advice on how to look good at a party, at a wedding, or at the beach, this guide is like having your very own personal styling session with Gok. Loved for recognizing that women are beautiful whatever their shape or size, Gok Wan understands how women can work their assets and minimize the part of their bodies they dislike to maximum effect. There's even a section on what to wear while pregnant. His new book is packed with fashion tips to help you stay on the style highway and not stumble off into fashion faux pas territory. Look great throughout the year with Gok, whatever your lifestyle and regardless of what life throws at you.

How to look good naked : shop for your shape and look amazing! / Gok Wan
TV's new fashion guru Gok Wan, presenter of How to Look Good NakedF, shows women of all shapes and sizes how to look great with their clothes on and off! His first book is packed with expert health, beauty and styling advice to make you look and feel fabulous without cosmetic surgery or drastic dieting. Women are constantly bombarded by images of the 'perfect shape' and targeted by companies selling low-fat products. And a recent survey reveals that 98% of British women are unhappy with their bodies. Gok Wan wants to change all that. His mission is to boost women's confidence and help you to love what you've got without resorting to drastic dieting or cosmetic surgery. Gok draws on his experience of styling models and celebrities to help ordinary women make the most of their bodies - to flatter your best bits and minimise the parts of your body you hate. 'How to Look Good Naked' contains all the tricks of the fashion trade and loads of insider beauty tips to help you feel a million dollars, whatever size or shape you are. With tips on how to choose the right pair of jeans, which underwear will make you slim and super-sexy, how to choose the right accessories to slim you down, plus treatments, exercise advice and more.

Gok cooks Chinese / Gok Wan
Not only is Gok Wan one of the UK's top fashion stylists, but he can cook too! His fantastic new book, Cook Yourself Chinese , contains 80 personal and family recipes, which are not only delicious and healthy but incredibly simple to make. His love and passion for Chinese food and cooking techniques shine through from every page.


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