Thursday, April 5, 2012

5 songs on YouTube about librarians

""What can I say? Librarians rule!"
Regis Philbin

I'm reading The librarian's book of lists by George M. Eberhart at the moment (which I'll blog about on Saturday), and Eberhart is, truly, a man after my own heart. Not because he's the senior editor of the American Library magazine (although that's pretty darn special on its own), but because he hearts lists. He doesn't just heart them, HE MAKES THEM. And as anyone who reads this blog knows, I LIVE FOR LISTS. (What is this whole blog about but making lists?). I use them for everything from deciding what groceries to pick up to picking my least favourite tv shows to choosing my third most favourite toothpaste brands. Maybe I use them a little too obsessively because I remember my boss making fun of me for attending all of our meetings - for two years straight - with a huge list of things I'd done and wanted to do still. Eberhart's book is a compilation of all kinds of lists written by himself and other librarians and they cover all kinds of things, such as blogs in different subject areas, reasons to be/not be a librarian, trivia and more. One list I really liked featured 10 library music videos, which made me wonder what variety of clips YouTube offered that was about librarians. I wasn't particularly interested in clips set in libraries, although some of the ones I selected are, but about the people who work in them. You wouldn't believe how many I've watched. SO MANY. Too many to count. And here is my list of the five I liked the most. Maybe next week I'll put together a list of well-known songs set IN libraries. For today, though, 5 YouTube songs about librarians!

Librarian by My Morning Jacket
Simple little bookworm, buried underneath
Is the sexiest librarian, take off those glasses and let down your hair for me

Joyce the librarian by Liz Ryan
By Richard Stilgoe and Peter Skellern.
Joyce the librarian
Strict vegetarian
Forty and living with mum
Wears sandals and glasses
Attends evening classes
And wonders if romance will come

The librarian song by Joe Uveges

And first she'd show it to me
Then she'd do it with me
Then she'd smile so happily when I could -
Do it for myself
She's the interactive kind when there are things I need to find

* I'd like to quickly point out here that Joe is talking about searching techniques, people.

Librarian by Haunted Love
Meet me in the closed reserve
I'll let you read all the new magazines
I'll let you touch the first editions
If you promise me
If you promise me
If you promise me your hands are clean

Library girl by Reina Del Cid Lyrics:
You can buy me a margarita
And I will lend you my Antonia
You can take me to ACDC
And I'll play you my Puccini


Madhamster said...

Ah, the librarian as secret-hottie... such a popular stereotype. Followed, of course, by the 40-year-old single and hopeless one.

tosca said...

*snorts* It's funny you make that comment because I was watching something last night on tv and, twice, saw two awful versions of librarians. It made me cringe. One was on season 2 of Miranda, with the ssshhhing librarian, and the other was the newer (and horrible-er) version of Footloose, with the anal retentive librarian *sigh*