Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Top 5 anti-kissing picture books

List by Annie, Central Library

'A child's kiss is magic. Why else would they be so stingy with them?'

~ Harvey Fierstein

There’s a stage when your little guy doesn’t want a kiss or a hug – from mum, or auntie, or… These picture books acknowledge that stage, and its passing.

What I want to know is – why is it mostly aunties who are the problem? I can’t remember any of my nephews (and it’s always boys in these books) having an issue with their aunties, or grandmothers. Mothers, though, they were a different story. So, those ‘no kisses from mum’ books may be right. Or, maybe I was lucky in my nephews. Hmmm… wonder how well the great-nephews will survive?

Honourable mention:
No more kisses! / by Margaret Wild ; illustrated by Nina Rycroft.
Baby has had enough kisses. He squirms and giggles and cries Stop! Stop!. Then he runs away, across the garden. His friends playfully chase him - until baby turns the tables and tries to kiss them instead!

Rollicking rhymes and backyard fun, with a great repeating refrain, make this a wonderful read aloud.

Zero kisses for me! / Manuela Monari ; illustrated by Virginie Soumagnac.
A pint-size toddler bear is fed up with the many kisses he receives--until it's bedtime and the monsters appear. And everyone knows that the best defence against the monsters is a goodnight kiss from Mom.

Very cute – with a temper tantrum thrown in for good measure.

No more kissing / Emma Chichester Clark.
Momo doesn't approve of kissing. He especially doesn't like being kissed. So he sets out on a campaign to stop it - but then his baby brother comes along.

Momo’s campaign is pretty cute – and so is his baby brother he accidentally kisses.

No more kisses for Bernard / story & pictures by Niki Daly.
"Bernard loves his aunts, but he hates being kissed by them. It's time to take a stand. "No more kissing!" says Bernard, and he means it. How Bernard's aunts come up with the perfect way to show their affection is comically and warmly told in this brilliant picture book by a master of the genre."

If I was Bernard, I think I’d avoid some of those kisses!

Kisses are yuk! / Julia Jarman ; illustrated by Erica-Jane Waters.
Jack loves getting prizes and cups of all sizes, but if there's one thing he hates - it's being kissed! And with an army of aunts and uncles, there's no getting away from it. What's a boy to do?

Very cute. I wonder if any of my nephews would describe my hugs as being like an anaconda? Maybe only those why try and escape.

Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck! / by Kyle Mewburn ; illustrated by Ali Teo & John O'Reilly.
Andy really does love his Aunty Elsie, but she insists on grabbing him and giving him a big kiss, first on one cheek and then on the other, every time she sees him. And Andy hates it. So he hides. But every time Aunty Elsie finds him out.

This is SO much fun! And great to read aloud. Just throw yourself into it!

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