Friday, January 27, 2012

5 reasons you have to come see us TODAY

List by Tosca

"...and it looks like i am shaking
but it's just the temperature
and then again
if it were any colder i could disengage
if i were any older i could act my age
but i dont think that youd believe me..."

- The Dresden Dolls, Girl anachronism

I'm kickstarting my morning with Girl Anachronism by The Dresden Dolls because because because they're here in town today *claps hands*

What: Dresden Dolls library ninja gig
Where: Central City Library, Lorne Street
When: Friday 27 January, 2pm
Why: BECAUSE WE WANT TO! BECAUSE WE WANT TO! (Ok, so I'll apologise for the little bit of Billie Piper (as in pre-Doctor Who Billie) reference, there).

Brace yourself! The Dresden Dolls are doing a library ninja gig. Today. For Auckland Libraries. When I first saw the conversation take place on Twitter between my boss and Amanda Palmer, well, I don't mind telling you my heart skipped a beat. I felt faint and had to sit down. And that was before anything was confirmed. Now that the day is here I can barely contain my fangirlness.

I'm always late to the party, so I don't mind confessing that I had never heard of the Dresden Dolls until 2008. (I know, I know, I suck!). I can't even remember what I was doing at the time but, knowing me, I was probably randomly following links and being nosey about all kinds of things and, before I knew it, ended up at their website...and had my mind handed to me on a silver platter. Seriously, I can't even begin to describe the effect it had on me, I only know that I've been an unabashed fangirl ever since. In 2009, I was lucky enough to be able to see Amanda Palmer perform at the Bodega Bar in Wellington (I had returned home for two reasons: hear Neil Gaiman's talk, and listen to Amanda Palmer) and loved. Every. Minute. Of. It. I have no rhythm and can't dance for peanuts (probably a little too inhibited) but in that moment, with everyone else? It didn't matter. I remember one girl was so hyped up she passed out. One minute we were standing beside each other and the next thing I know she's passed out on the floor from excitement. It was kinda sweet. People picked her up, dusted her off, and then we all carried on again. It was kinda magical (ok, granted, maybe not the part where someone passed out, but all the bits before and after it definitely). And I'm hoping to experience a little bit of that night all over again :) Which is why I would LOVE to see you all there today. And here are five reasons why...

Amanda Palmer. Dresden Dolls. Up close and personal. ARGH
Yes, I'm a fangirl. And yes, the SQUEEing kind. I can't even find it in myself to be embarrassed about that.

Who doesn't want to listen to music that, quite frankly, defies description?
You can call them "punk cabaret" (and people do) but that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of their style

They're fun, crazy, and maybe a little bit weird...
...but that kind of weird that makes you feel more comfortable because, hey, it's the kind you can relate to, it's the kind you are.

It's FREE. FREE music. In the library the library? Yes! In the library :) Who'd be daft enough to turn down a free international ninja gig?

What a great way to end the working week
You get to hang out with likeminded people, be entertained (let's face it, they *are* endlessly entertaining), sing and dance and just generally have fun. Roll on 2pm!


Alison said...

I work in the Chch city libraries - I went to the ninja gig in Hagley Park and the show itself (and oh yeah, I was at Bodega when fainting girl fainted too) and yet SO JEALOUS OF YOUR LIBRARY NINJA GIG!

I'm really, really happy that there are libraries around that are happy to host this sort of out-of-the-ordinary magic making piece of excitement. I HOPE IT SPREADS!

(Did any of the customers complain about the noise?)

catatonia said...

Kia ora Alison, and thanks for commenting! You work for Christchurch City Libraries? I met some of your colleagues at the Te Roopu Whakahau conference :)

You know, we might've been standing right next to each other at the Bodega and never known it LOL Life is awesome like that. A series of on or two seemingly inconsequential things that come around to meet up again in some way or another.

It was, as one guy on Twitter put it, the ninja gig to end all ninja gigs. It truly, truly was. I was lucky enough to be sitting down on the floor with everyone else, and to get caught up in their excitement on top of my own added another layer again to every other bit of awesomeness *lesigh* Life is too, too cool for words.

(I'm unsure at this stage whether or not there were any comments about the noise. I'd be interesting in finding that out myself next week!).