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Top 5 Mills & Boon covers I've seen this week

List by Tosca

"The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender."
- Emil Ludwig

Mills & Boon have changed their covers! They're now purple. Boldly purple. And I'm noticing that more and more of them have actual people on the covers. A few years back I saw that they'd started to feature real people (real models, I guess?) on the covers. I remember at the time asking another young library assistant, "Is that supposed to make me think it can happen to real people? Just like in the stories?" Both of us looked rather doubtful. I'm still not sure. Does anyone else know why they swapped out painted posed people for happy smiley people? I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering.

Danielle and I were looking through the new books trolley in Manukau Library when we spotted the new Mills & Boon titles and OH! The not-so-secret cover junkie inside of me shouted for joy. No, seriously. I did. Funny conversation took place when Phil, one of our staff, came in while I was fawning over the books:

Tosca: Hi, Phil :) (Yes, I do talk in smiley faces, doesn't everyone?)
Phil: Hi, Tosca. Oh, no. *horrified look* Tosca. *groan of dismay* Tell me you don't read *those*! *disappointed look* I'm so disappointed in you!
Tosca: YES I READ THESE *starting to feel slightly tetchy*
Danielle: What kind of a romance newsletter editor doesn't read romances?
Tosca: YEAH! So there! (I never said witty repartee was my forte)

Yes, I read romances. The good, the bad and the indifferent. Unapologetically so. The first day of the month when the new books lists are posted is my most favourite day EVER. I spend forever browsing the new romance titles groaning in exasperation at the cheesy covers (admit it, some of them are), chortling at all of the exclamation marks (seriously, does one blurb need so many?) and being enraged that some plots still sound so...1970s. And then I go and request them all :) By the way, I'd like to point out that none of these particular titles sound so 1970s. you go! Top 5 Mills & Boon covers I've seen this week. Until the next lot...

Swept off her stilettos / by Fiona Harper
Clothing connoisseur Coreen Fraser’s film-star style never leaves her wanting for male attention! But sourcing outfits for a 1930s murder-mystery weekend stops being fun when she discovers she has to wear a tweed suit and sensible shoes! Meanwhile Coreen’s best friend Adam Conrad has his own plans for the weekend… And one moonlit kiss later Coreen’s blinkers fall from her eyes. Adam is the only man who knows the girl underneath the skyscraper heels and scarlet lipstick. But is she brave enough to invite him to kiss it off any time he likes…?

Tosca's comment: First Mills & Boon cover I've ever seen that doesn't feature people - it has SHOES. Attached to legs. And not just any shoes but bright, red ones. Stilettos, even.

There's something about a rebel... / by Anne Oliver
Lissa Sanderson is at an all-time low – so why does her brother’s gorgeous, brooding best friend have to come back into her life now? Even worse, the teenage crush she once had on Blake Everett is back with a vengeance, despite his scandalous reputation and the fact the ex-Navy officer would clearly prefer to be left alone. Only now she’s a woman. And Blake’s not quite so immune to her as he makes out. There’s definitely something about a rebel – and Lissa’s going to enjoy finding out just what that ‘something’ might be!

Tosca's comment: This cover. OH! This cover. It's here purely because it had me in stitches.

Dating Dr Delicious / by Laura Iding
It’s Hannah Stewart’s first day as a surgical intern at Chicago’s busiest hospital and she couldn’t be more excited – those long, hard years of study are about to pay off. Then she meets Dr Jake Holt – her new boss…and her reckless, completely out-of-character one-night stand! Jake is suspicious. Did Hannah know who he was when she slept with him? Past experience has led to his strict ‘no relationships at work’ rule. But his new intern is proving to be a distraction impossible to ignore...!

Tosca's comment: Geek girl! Glasses! FTW!

The heart of a hero / Barbara Wallace
"Helping people comes naturally to Zoe Hamilton - and she has the advice column to prove it. All she wants this summer, though, is some time alone to lick her wound post-divorce. Which is fine by her surly-yet-handsome new neighbour, ex-army captain Jake Meyers, who just wants his own peace. Jake might believe he's emotionally dead, but the pain in his glittering emerald eyes tells a very different story. And soon Zoe can't help but reach out - but it will take all her courage to love a man so determined to keep his heart out-of-bounds." -- Back cover.

Tosca's comment: Shut the front door! When did they start featuring models on the cover who are obviously older than 30? Maybe it's not so clear in this pic but they have wrinkles around the eyes. 'Life experience' wrinkles around the eyes, not 'too much sun/smiling' wrinkles around the eyes. I like that. A LOT because, to be honest, I'm heartily sick and tired of reading about, and looking at, twenty-something year old mega bazillionaire tycoons and their improper work/personal relationships with their secretaries who then start their 'happy ever after' living it up in some exotic locale *gets down off soapbox*

The highest price to pay / Maisey Yates
When Ella's failing business comes wrapped up as part of Blaise Chevalier's recent takeover; he plans to discard it - as is his usual way with surplus goods. Then he meets Ella. Cast from the same fiery mould as he is, she makes an intriguing adversary. Perhaps he could have a little fun with hsi new acquisition... As proud and strong as she is beautiful, Ella is determined to prove Blaise wrong about her business and her worth. As long as she hides her hint of vulnerability and denies the flicker of attraction between them when she catches her enemy's eye.

Tosca's comment: Since when did Mills & Boon feature interracial couples? I think it's fantastic. I do find the model slightly frightening with her territorial 'Hands off! He's mine!' kind of way. When I had the idea to do this post I almost cried when I found that we didn't have the covers attached to the catalogue records. That's why I've used photos, instead (with the rather obvious 'Manukau Libraries' sticker on them). A conversation on Twitter with a customer about this list idea led to the author sending me a pic of the cover. I have to say, I love Twitter and I heart Maisey Yates even more!

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