Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top 5 'lifestyles of the rich and philandering'

List by Rachel

"You know sometimes the public and press gets it wrong."
~ Jesse James, People magazine

Rachel Randall, customer service advisor at Botany Library and fab reviewer of Katy Perry, cookbooks, style guides and more, sent in this list of biographies about (and monologues by) her top 5 bad hubbies and scandalous baby daddies that just couldn't keep it zipped. You might not approve of their lifestyle choices, but apparently they make for pretty entertaining reading and listening!

Comedian / Eddie Murphy (audiobook)
Presents Eddie Murphy delivering bawdy monologues poking fun at subjects such as politics, racism, television, sex, and bodily functions.

Moments / Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is the world famous Manchester United and Portuguese International footballer, admired around the world for his unique style of play. Football fans recognise instantly how he dribbles the ball, but there's a great deal about him that has never been made public before. Cristiano recognises that his youth does not yet give him the right to produce an autobiography, and Moments does not set out to be one. It is an invitation to the reader to share with him some of the most fantastic moments of his career so far, and get to know him a little better.

The death of American virtue : Clinton vs Starr / Ken Gormley
A professor at Duquesne University Law School details the wide-ranging investigation into President Clinton "that divded the nation and nearly toppled Clinton's presidency. From special prosecutor Kenneth W. Starr's initial probe of the Whitewater land deal in Arkansas to the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit to the Monica Lewinsky affair, culminating in a dramatic Senate impeachment trial," the author relies on exclusive interviews with President Clinton, Ken Starr, Monica Lewinsky and family, Linda Tripp, Paula Jones, Susan McDougal and many other key players as well as documents from the Justice Department's internal investigation into Starr.

Tiger Woods: a biography / Lawrence J. Londino
Examines the young life of a golfer who has had a significant impact not only on the sports world but, because of the his ethnicity and the history of the game he plays, contemporary American culture as well. While golf is seldom thought of as a sport for minorities, Tiger Woods has made the sport appeal to a whole new demographic. When only a teenager, Woods accomplished many junior records in golf and enjoyed unusual attention for a young person. While not yet thirty years old, Woods' impact on American culture goes beyond the world of sports. And his celebrity status has made him probably the most recognized known athlete in the world.

American outlaw / Jesse James, with Sam Benjamin
Jesse James has survived lower depths, faced harder times, and beaten down more private demons than most--and lived to tell his story with honesty, introspection, and humility.

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