Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Top 5 punny titles

List by Annie

"The kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes."
- William Davis

Sometimes you just have to laugh. Authors – and editors – obviously love playing with words, and this selection of titles proves it.

Honourable mention:
  • Reign check Michelle Rowen

  • The good, the bad, and the undead / Kim Harrison
    It's a tough life for witch Rachel Morgan, sexy, independent bounty hunter, prowling the darkest shadows of downtown Cincinnati for criminal creatures of the night. She can handle the leather-clad vamps and even tangle with a cunning demon or two. But a serial killer who feeds on the experts in the most dangerous kind of black magic is definitely pressing the limits. Confronting an ancient, implacable evil is more than just child's play -- and this time, Rachel will be lucky to escape with her very soul. Book 2 in the Rachel Morgan series.

    Annie's comment: This may be the 2nd in the series, but has a way-cooler title.

    Roc and a hard place / Piers Anthony
    Mentia and Metria, the demoness with the split personality, embarks on a remarkable quest. The journey causes the marriage of a princess and prince, lifts the curse from Castle Roogna, and uncovers the lost history of the Kings of Xanth. Book 19 in the Magic of Xanth series.

    Annie's comment: Xanth titles are pretty fun. And this beats them all.

    Ain’t myth-behaving / Katie Macalister
    A modern woman and a god from ancient legend? Surely an epic love mismatch... or maybe it's the "myth match" of the century? The irrepressible Katie MacAlister brings us heroes who are more than mere mortals in two sparkling new novellas of the Otherworld.

    Annie's comment: A couple of fun novellas – ‘Stag party’ featuring horned god Cernunnos and ‘Norse truly’ with Native Americans. Just joking. With Vikings.

    Tut, tut / Jon Scieszka, illustrated by Lane Smith
    "Joe, Sam, and Fred are feeling pretty smug. Their ancient Egypt history projects are all finished, and they haven't even considered using The Book - that magical time travel book that has landed them in some amazing times and places, and some even more amazing trouble!" -- Front dustjacket flap.

    Annie's comment: One of the wildly funny Time Warp Trio books. Just right for 8-year-old boys. Oh, and people whose inner child IS an eight-year-old boy.

    Faust among equals / Tom Holt
    Two comic fantasies - "Flying Dutch" and "Faust among equals" - in one volume. In the first, one little swig from the wrong bottle and Cornelius Vanderdecker goes from Dutch sea-captain to unhappy immortal. In the second, a management buy-out of Hell doesn't quite go to plan.

    Annie's comment: Come on. That’s funny. Faustus meets Helen of Troy, via EuroBosch (Hell’s theme park).

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