Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top 5 vamp books that aren't Twilight

List by Annie

"The vampires have always been metaphors for me. They've always been vehicles through which I can express things I have felt very, very deeply."
- Anne Rice

Oh yes, Twilight et al have brought the vamp into the reading sphere. Honestly, there are other books out there. Here are some of my favs… not a paranormal romance in there, either – tho’ I love those, too.

Honourable mention: (i.e. not real vampires, or are there...?)
  • Sweetblood by Pete Hautman - Teen fiction. Vampire or diabetic? Intriguing, original, with a great narrator.

  • CVO / Alex Garner
    Graphic novel. American intelligence services have a secret weapon - and it has fangs! This volume collects the original graphic novella that introduced CVO - vampire operatives who spy for the United States, dealing with the most dangerous global threats, plus a spine-tingling tale of an incredibly ancient artifact and a disappearing colleague that lead CVO toward an encounter with a deadly trio.

    Annie's comment: Vamps as secret agents. Come on – how cool is that?

    Silver kiss / Annette Curtis Klause
    Teen fiction.Zoe is wary when, in the dead of the night, the beautiful but frightening Simon comes to her house. Simon seems to understand the pain of loneliness and death and Zoe's brooding thoughts about her dying mother. Simon is one of the undead, a vampire, seeking revenge for the gruesome death of his mother three hundred years ago. Does Simon dare ask Zoe to help free him from this lifeless chase and its intolerable solitude?

    Annie's comment: I could like Twilight if only for getting this book republished. Ah, Simon...

    Peeps / Scott Westerfeld
    Teen fiction. Cal Thompson is a carrier of a parasite that causes vampirism, and must hunt down all of the girlfriends he has unknowingly infected.

    Annie's comment: Vamps as parasites. Works for me.

    Abraham Lincoln: vampire hunter / Seth Grahame-Smith
    Fiction. While Abraham Lincoln is widely lauded for saving a Union and freeing millions of slaves, his valiant fight against the forces of the undead has remained in the shadows for hundreds of years.

    Annie's comment: What’s not to like? History with vamps. One of my fav books for 2010.

    Sunshine / Robin McKinley
    No human has ever allied with a vampire. But when Sunshine is kidnapped by vampires in a treacherous manoeuvre against one of their own, she knows she will not live to see another morning. But when she does, and if a vampire saves her life, doesn't she owe him the same favour?

    Annie's comment: I more than heart Robin McKinley. And this book makes me savour every beautiful word. The dedication is beautiful.


    Kelly M said...

    ooohh, great list! I also heart both Silver Kiss and Robin McKinley - thanks for more things to request :)

    mj said...

    Sunshine is my favourite all-time vampire novel. Thanks for the recommends of other books to check out - I esp. like vampires as secret agents!

    Madhamster said...

    thanks Kelly M & mj! This list could have gone on and on and on...