Monday, May 30, 2011

Top 5 NZ Music Month discoveries

List by Danielle

'We're just happy people.'
~ Dave Gibson, Elemeno P

31 days... 31 NZ cds! That was the challenge I set myself at the start of the month.

I'm posting a little early because, well, frankly, I enjoyed my trip through the Manukau Library NZ music collection so much that some days I listened to 2 or more cds. I'm a bit shellshocked by this stage, what with so much new music to listen to in such a short time, but the overwhelming impression I have is that NZ music is pretty darn awesome and well worth a listen. Yes, there were a couple of cds that I had to force myself to soldier to the end of, but there are also about 15 cds that are now on my 'do-some-budgeting-and-buy' list, and at least a handful that I have repeatedly thrashed in the car. I even put my foot down and made the kids take off 'Never smile at a crocodile' for some of them. Choosing 5 is actually a major mission. At least half the list deserve honourable mentions.

Although I now plan to slow down my new music consumption to a slightly less breakneck pace, I'd love to hear any recommendations you all might have, as there are still piles of cds that I've never come across. Thank you NZ Music Month! You rocked!

Honourable mentions:
Reasons for voyaging / Atlas
Little mind games / Ivy Lies
Always and never / Goodnight Nurse
Love will find a way / Lydia Cole
Flight of the Conchords
The mad love / 48 May
The lake, Cat & bird / Anna Coddington
Live in concert with the NZSO / Little Bushman
Loop: select 004 / Loop
Kora / Kora
Try to remember everything / Bic Runga

This is not the target market / Steriogram

Big skeleton / The Upbeats
Big skeleton -- Ki ki kai kai (feat. Cardz) -- Planet Earth (feat. State of Mind) -- Bones (feat. Ned Worboys) -- Bury your head -- Under the sky -- Carousel (feat. Kemo) -- Macabre (feat. Crushington) -- The Unearthly -- Ghost radio -- Noises -- Laser crypt -- The city that sleeps -- Through the night (feat. Jess Chambers)

Drum and bass music that should come with a warning: may accelerate your heart rate and possibly make you too fidgety to sit in your chair and concentrate on work. A bit like a shot of adrenaline, specially on a wintery Friday afternoon.

TV knows better / Clap Clap Riot
Don't want your baby -- City lights -- Thief -- Hospital show -- Die.

From the dinky cd case (with rattling beads enclosed in the spine) to the hellishly catchy opening track, this was a treat. The first cd from the winners of the MTV Kick Start Your Career competion.

Find me before I die a lonely / Minuit
Wayho -- Run run -- 25 Bucks -- Queen of the flies -- I hate you -- Maserati -- Aotearoa -- Yeah yeah -- 10ft tall -- Vampires -- Daddy-o -- I'm still dancing -- Long live zero -- Everyone from everywhere.

Amplifier describes them as 'indie-electronic'. Fun, energetic, theatrical and hypnotic and just a little bit different for someone like me who hears most of their music through mainstream radio and music tv.

Dawn planes and Moments leading to this / Lucid 3
Dawn planes -- Burning on the sun -- Echo back -- All ready now -- Oh sister -- Every dollar -- This soldier -- No no -- Counterfeits and Judases -- To the city -- Fabric.
West -- Stirring -- Pitch jumping -- All moments leading to this -- AM radio -- Doom pony -- Lightning 601 -- The vista -- Trophy -- Sergio.

Dawn planes was one of the two albums I replayed the most over the month. Lead singer Victoria Girling-Butcher's vocals are gorgeous and the songs are so atmospheric, kind of bluesy-folky pop-rock. Or something. Just beautiful.

Elemeno P and Love & disrespect / Elemeno P
Beverley Laurel -- Baby come on -- Take the high road -- Loaded gun -- Pay for it -- Better Days -- Anna don't let go -- Takes a radical -- Louder louder -- Some things.
Nirvana -- Verona -- Goodbye -- Urban getaway -- The Benjamins -- Fast times in Tahoe -- Claim to faim -- I don't know -- Hold on -- On my balcony -- Every day's a Saturday -- Weed out.

I remember seeing the odd song by these guys on music tv over the years, but I'd never sat down and listened to the albums. It's total feel-good stuff, something to turn up loud in the car, music that never fails to bring a real recognisable Kiwi warmth and heart with it. What do you mean I have to give the cd back!? These cds are top of my 'to-buy' list, for sure.

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Danielle said...

I've been playing NZ music in the car all month, and this morning, for the very first time, my 4 yr old daughter asked me to replay something, rather than go another round of her crocodile song. Was it some kind of sweet, infectious, poppy goodness?

NO. It was Steriogram - 'Get up'. She says, "We like to dance to it!"