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Top 5 NZ gigs I have enjoyed (and the albums I forever associate them with)

List by Tosca

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.
Leopold Stokowski

Happy birthday NZ Music Month! Like the rest of the country I'm looking forward to a month long celebration of homegrown musical talent :) I meant to write a current NZ Music Month list, I honestly did, but it's at this particular time of year, more than any other, that I feel nostalgic. I think a lot of it is to do with the fact that musically I spent my early to late 20s going from one live NZ music gig to another. More often than not on my own. I love live music. I'm not a mosher and never have been but the best spot to stand is right at the front where you can watch every movement the musicians make. Unfortunately, this has meant that over the years, I have been stood on, jumped on and shoved seven ways from Sunday but it was worth it. I'd do it all over again if it meant I could see the five acts I've chosen to list below. These are my top 5 NZ live acts (and the albums I forever associate them with) which are, no doubt, different from anyone else's list. Feel free to leave your own preferred choices as a comment. This year I intend to celebrate NZ Music Month 2011 by looking up 5 current NZ bands/artists whose work I have never heard before. That'll be another upcoming post. How will you be celebrating NZ Music Month 2011?

Honourable mention:
  • Fire down below by Eye TV - I remember watching the lead singer and thinking, 'Gosh, he has beautiful eyebrows!' Fav song: One day ahead.
  • Fiji baby by Goodshirt - Saw them live umpteen times but I remember one particular performance the lead jumped down from the stage and ran around and around the room in his little raincoat. Fav song: Sophie.

  • Silencer / Zed
    Group members: Nathan King, lead vocals, guitars ; Ben Campbell, bass, keyboards, fx, vocals ; Andy Lynch, lead guitar, backing vocals ; AdrianPalmer, drums, percussion, backing vocals.

    Renegade fighter -- Driver's side -- Come on down -- He's sad -- Glorafilia -- Unseen -- Oh! Daisy -- Don't you wish -- In my mind -- S.P.S. -- I'm cold -- Good man -- Calling again.

    Tosca's comment: I admit, quite freely, that I liked Zed's music and, moreover, I saw them live more than once. Just because I could. At that time I was working as a Maori teacher aide in a primary school and would sometimes take classes for singing (yeah, I'm one of those clich├ęd Maori who can play guitar and sing) and loved that they enjoyed learning Zed's songs as much as I enjoyed teaching them LOL Fav songs: Oh! Daisy; Gloriphilia.

    Buddhafinger / Tadpole
    Intro -- Alright -- No: 1 -- Blind -- Better days -- For me -- No man -- Set to fade -- Music box -- You know it -- Backdoor -- Kindred -- White horsie.

    Tosca's comment: Saw them live sooo many times! Fav song: Backdoor (I didn't find out what it meant until a few years later and by then I realised I still liked it); No man.

    2b spacific / Che Fu
    Intro -- Waka -- Hoodies -- Brainfighta -- Touch the floor -- Machine talk -- The mish -- Rain on the roof -- Without a doubt -- Scene III -- Hold your ground -- True balance -- Chains -- Trust.

    Tosca's comment: Fav songs: Scene III; Waka.

    Pet / Fur Patrol
    Group members: Simon Braxton, drums, percussion, theramin, vocals ; Julia Deans, vocals, guitars, keyboards, violin ; Steven Wells, guitars, vocals ; Andrew Bain, bass, keyboards.

    Andrew -- Holy -- Now -- Loaded -- Lydia -- Hauling you around -- Not your girl -- Spinning a line -- Two days -- Brightest star -- Short way to fall -- Man in a box.

    Tosca's comment: I wanted to be Julia! Or at least play like her. That couldn't happen so instead I listened like nobody ever listened before. Fav songs: Dominoes; Beautiful; Lydia.

    Sex & agriculture : the very best of The Exponents / The Exponents

    Disc 1. Sex (The hits) Victoria --Airway spies -- All I can do --Know your own heart -- Your best friend loves me too -- I'll say goodbye (even though I'm blue) --Sex & agriculture -- Christchurch (In Cashel St I wait) -- My love for you -- Only I could die (and love you still) --Caroline skies -- Why does love do this to me -- Who loves who the most -- Whatever happened to Tracey --Sink like a stone -- Like she said -- La la Lulu -- Geraldine -- Or a girl I knew.
    Disc 2. Agriculture (Hidden gems). It means I mean you -- F@#* -- Interesting thing -- What's left of love -- Are you sure? -- Close -- Hey girl goove! -- Only virtually mine -- So this is love -- Sadness -- One sad river -- Do you feel in love -- Helen -- Galaxy -- Blue river rising -- Poland (original version) -- My date with you was a date with no one (live) -- Perfect romance (live) -- It didn't and it does.

    Tosca's comment: The best gig I ever attended given by the best pub band to ever come out of New Zealand (although my dad will tell you that honour belonged to Th' Dudes). I'd never seen The Exponents play when they were at the height of their career so I only managed to catch them on their final tour. It was loud and it was fun and I was still buzzing long after I got home. The only time I took my eyes off the stage was when I literally bumped into Charles Mesure. I don't begrudge him the two minutes it took for him to apologise (even though I was the one who whacked him) and make small talk about the band's performance while I stood there like a fish with its mouth open because, hey, it was Charles Mesure! Fav songs: I'll say goodbye (even though I'm blue); Sink like a stone; Victoria; Whatever happened to Tracey; Why does love do this to me; Who loves who the most.

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