Monday, May 2, 2011

Top 5 NZ albums I play and play and play again

List by Danielle

'Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.'
~Berthold Auerbach

I'm a re-reader, and a re-listener. If I like something, it gets thrashed, then tucked away, then brought out for another thrash a bit later on. Rinse and repeat.
If you feel like something new to have a loud sing-along with, and for once the kids aren't in the car and you don't have to play 'The princess and the frog' soundtrack for the umpteenth time (though that might just be me), why not try a new Kiwi artist this month? Last year about this time I borrowed CDs by a handful of NZ artists that I'd never listened to before, and this year I think I'll follow Tosca's lead and try it again. Just think how much NZ music has suddenly appeared in the catalogue, thanks to the library amalgamation! Piles and piles, and stacks of piles. Meanwhile, here are the albums that are haunting my ipod (and my car) at the moment.

Oh, ps. did you know, there is a concert on this week featuring several APO (Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra) Young Achievers, where you can also hear a totally new orchestral piece commissioned by Auckland Libraries and composed by the winner of the Secondary School Composers' competition? Sweet!

Honourable mention:
Headstunts / the Datsuns
Degrees of existance / Dimmer
Until the end of time / Opshop

Band together : concert for Canterbury 2010
Concert held in Hagley Park on Saturday, October 23 2010.
Cruel / Dane Rumble -- Changes / A'preeshiate -- Never too late / Nathan King -- Now you shake / Ray Columbus & Clap Clap Riot -- Highway / Ivy Lies -- Magnetic South / The Eastern, Lindon Puffin & Barry Saunders -- A new dialogue / Julia Deans -- Running through the fire / Anika Moa -- 10 ft tall / Minuit -- North by north / The Bats feat. Mayor Bob Parker -- It's too late / Evermore -- All on our own / Midnight Youth -- Madness and other allergies / Opshop -- Chur to the chur / Maitreya feat. Che fu, King Kapisi & The Babysitters -- Light this up / The Babysitters -- You got me / J. Williams feat. Patriarch -- Language / Dave Dobbyn -- Christchurch (In Cashel St I wait).

Some very heartfelt performances, in a neat range of musical styles, from rap to pop to country and folk.
Favourite tracks: Chur to the chur by Maitreya featuring Che Fu, King Kapisi & the Babysitters; Christchurch (In Cashel St I wait) by the Exponents.

Holy smoke / Gin Wigmore
All songs written by Gin Wigmore. Pop-rock music written and performed by New Zealand musician Gin [i.e. Gin Wigmore], with additional musicians.
CD 1. Holy smoke: Oh my -- Hey ho -- New revolution -- Don't stop -- I do -- Too late for lovers -- Mr Freakshow -- One last look -- Golden ship -- Dying day -- CD 2. Extended play: These roses -- S.O.S. -- Hallelujah -- Under my skin -- Easy come easy go.

Not only a fantastic, smoky voice (my pre-schooler calls these 'granny songs'), but a great talent for lyrics. Carnivalesque songs and music vids remind me of everything I love about Tom Waits, too.
Favourite tracks: I actually can't choose. I am incapable of choice. The tracks just sit together so well as a whole. Though if I had to choose - These roses.

Truth of the world: welcome to the show / Evermore
Plugged on -- Tonight on the show (Truth of the world pt. 1) -- Between the lines -- "Max is stable" -- Hey boys and girls (Truth of the world pt. 2) -- The lonely ones -- Girl with the world on her shoulders -- Front page story / Diamonds in the river -- Infotainmentology (Truth of the world pt. 3) -- Join the party -- Chemical miracle / Faster -- Can you hear me?

Is this what they describe as a 'concept album'? Man, I am so unmusical. The whole album fits together like a story, is what it is. My favourite find from last year's venture into the NZ music unknown.
Favourite tracks: Hey boys and girls (Truth of the world pt. 2), Chemical miracle/Faster

Humour and the misfortune of others / Hollie Smith
Hollie Smith, vocals, with acc. musicians. Mamma -- Vs 19:19 -- Let me go -- By my side -- Humour -- Finding home -- Hiding -- Overtime -- Before this day is done -- Why can't we get along -- Brothers, friends, lovers -- Will you be the one?

What a totally awesome voice. If you love Joss Stone, definitely give Hollie Smith a go. This is a fantastic CD to play in the kitchen while you're cooking.
Favourite track: Overtime

The brave don't run / Midnight Youth
Cavalry -- All on our own -- Dead flowers -- The letter -- Learning to fall -- Benjamin -- Tijuana -- Golden love -- Lonely homes -- Flash.

Ok, this is how unmusical I am. I have been to precisely two concerts in the last 20 years. The first was at TechFest (not only unmusical, but a geek), where a group of us were set alight by how terrific Midnight Youth were. The second was the Villa Maria Winery tour, where I went mostly to see Midnight Youth again (Opshop and Brooke Fraser, to be fair, were also rocking), because at a very advanced age I'd finally figured out what Tosca could have told me a long long time ago. Live music is AWESOME. Even with rain dribbling down your neck and a bin-liner tucked around your legs and feet.
Favourite tracks: Benjamin, Tijuana


mj said...

I've not listened to some of these albums before, so am off to track down a copy! Thanks for sharing ;-)

Danielle said...

Cheers mj, I've just posted an update after my mega music challenge - 31 NZ cds in 31 days! Found plenty of new, great music just in our Manukau Library collection alone, pretty much, along with raiding Tosca's desk every now and then. Would love to hear what you think of any of these!