Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top 5 novels in verse

List by Annie

“Verse is not written, it is bled;
Out of the poet's abstract head.
Words drip the poem on the page;
Out of his grief, delight and rage.”

- Paul Engle

These children & teen novels makes you realise how powerful the verse form is, for expressing emotion. How the simplest of words can express a range of things. Each word in these books is carefully placed and resonates.

Honourable mention:
  • Steven Herrick - Everything. Anything.

  • Cloud busting / Malorie Blackman
    This is a lyrical story, written in verse, that celebrates friendship and individuality from the author of Noughts and Crosses.

    Annie's comment: A heart-warming – and heart-wrenching – look at bullying and victimisation. Stunning.

    One of those hideous books where the mother dies / Sonya Sones
    Fifteen-year-old Ruby Milliken leaves her best friend, her boyfriend, her aunt, and her mother's grave in Boston and reluctantly flies to Los Angeles to live with her father, a famous movie star who divorced her mother before Ruby was born.

    Annie's comment: No one believed me about the title.

    Love that dog / Sharon Creech
    A young student, who comes to love poetry through a personal understanding of what different famous poems mean to him, surprises himself by writing his own inspired poem to express something that he hasn't been able to talk about, something that he is very sad about.

    Annie's comment: Awww. That’s all. Also check out Hate that cat the sequel.

    Locomotion / Jacqueline Woodson
    In a series of poems, eleven-year-old Lonnie writes about his life, after the death of his parents, separated from his younger sister, living in a foster home, and finding his poetic voice at school.

    Annie's comment: A story of family and love. Makes you feel warm all over.

    Stop pretending: what happened when my big sister went crazy / Sonya Sones
    A younger sister has a difficult time adjusting to life after her older sister has a mental breakdown.

    Annie's comment: One word: Powerful. There’s one poem – about riding her bike – that just hit me. And stayed.


    mj said...

    Karen Hesse is another favourite author of prose novels.

    Madhamster said...

    I knew I was going to forget something! Or someone. I do love Karen Hesse :)