Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 5 books I’m waiting impatiently for…

List by Annie, Central Library

Like many library members – whether staff or customers – I have a list of requests. Some of them I’m waiting for with more impatience than others.

Currently, my top 5 ‘please-hurry-up-and-arrive’ books are:

A billion wicked thoughts : what the world's largest experiment reveals about human desire / Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam
Saw this mentioned somewhere, as you do. Using online resources, interviews, and published material, two neuroscientists explore sexuality.
I was persuaded by this one because someone talked about the findings from romance novels… however, that bit seems hidden in the publisher’s blurb.

The Filter Bubble: What The Internet Is Hiding From You / Eli Pariser
Another one I’ve stumbled across somewhere… It looks at customised search results – ie Google et al figuring out what they think you want to know about, rather than all the stuff out there. The joys of serendipity in searches – and the narrowing of information – can be lost.
I’m hoping the book is as promising as it has been hyped.

PS – you can hear the author talk about it in this TED presentation:

River Cottage Everyday / Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
The urgency on this one isn’t so great, as I can get the recipes online. But… there’s still something wonderful about reading the book.
I have really enjoyed the series – so waiting to explore the extras that usually come in the book.

Sneak a peak quickly here:

Just like heaven / Julia Quinn
The library record doesn’t reveal much about this one, sorry. You can read more on Julia Quinn’s site.
Anyway, readers of Quinn’s Bridgeton series will have met the Smythe-Smiths – the family with terrible musical ability. This is the first in a planned quartet about the girls. Can’t wait. But will have to.

Mastiff / Tamora Pierce
This is the author who has her forthcoming books – up to 2015 release dates! – on the homepage of her website. As she’s one of my fav authors (and my mother’s, and my niece’s, and two of my sisters’, and lots of friends, and…) this just teases and teases.
Although I like / love the Tortall heroines, I’m coming round to thinking that Beka Cooper may just be my favourite. Ever. *Sigh*

Honourable mentions:

Kiss of snow / Nalini Singh
Again, scant info on the library record at the mo – more on the author’s site. If you’re a fan of the PsyChangeling series, you too will have been holding out to see Hawke brought down by Sienna. They’ve circled each other over the last few books.

What happened to goodbye / Sarah Dessen.
Why the impatience? Two words. Sarah. Dessen.

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Kelly M said...

Hanging out for Kiss of Snow too, loving the PsyChangeling series :)