Friday, April 29, 2011

Top 5 old-time South Auckland wedding photos

List by Danielle

'I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.'
~Rita Rudner

Happy Royal Wedding Day! Well, to be honest, I'm kind of ignoring the royal wedding, happy enough for it to pass me by, and my own wedding was a heartfelt but very very low-key meet-up at the Manukau registry office, but something about these old photographs of wedding parties from the 1800s and early 1900s really gets to me. I guess I'm trying to see within the wedding photo the story of the courtship and marriage; they fill me with questions mostly - what happened next? Did they have children? Were they in love, and did it last? How does their family remember them?

For those of you who haven't come across it, Footprints is our online database of heritage images from South Auckland. It was compiled by Bruce Ringer, the Manager of the South Auckland Research Centre (the Manukau Research Library as was); as I write, Bruce (with his 'blue eyes almost unblinking') and his team are starting work on adding descriptive data to the latest batch of 500+ images to be uploaded to Footprints. It is a real labour of love, and we have heaps of aroha for the people who kindly share their photos, from the local historical societies and photographers' families to the walloping great archives we've been donated by Fairfax Media.

If you want to see a larger version of any of these, just click on the title, which will open up Footprints. Once you're there, click on the title again to see the large image.

Now, I would have felt totally tacky rating these photos, which were 'the happiest day of their lives', if they're anything like Kate and Wills - so they appear below in chronological order!

Wedding day, Brookby, 1895.
Family gathering on the wedding day of James Ballantine and Beatrice May Tebbutt. The pair were married at the Brookby Undenominational Chapel on 23 April 1895.
Creator: Swales of Queen Street (Auckland)
Date: 23 April 1895
Location: Brookby
Manukau Research Library, CLE: IV, 1, BR11.
Photograph reproduced by courtesy of Howick Historical Society.

Ernest and Hilda in wedding finery, ca 1900.
Wedding portrait of Ernest Bryant of East Tamaki, and Hilda Gillard of Flat Bush, ca 1900.
Creator: Unknown
Date: ca 1900
Location: Unidentified (studio portrait)
Manukau Research Library, PAP: IV, Footprints 02074.
Photograph reproduced by courtesy of Papatoetoe Historical Society (form Bobbie Van Veen).

Wedding, Pakuranga, ca 1906.
Wedding of John Graham and Britta Mattson, Pakuranga, ca 1906. The wedding party is seen outside the Roberts homestead, Millen's Hill, Pakuranga.
Creator: Unknown
Date: ca 1906
Location: Pakuranga
Manukau Research Library, PAK: III, 1, no. J4.
Photograph reproduced by courtesy of Howick Historical Society. (Photograph published in Alan La Roche, The History of Howick & Pakuranga, Howick, 1991, p. 182.)

Wedding scene, Pigeon Mountain, 1908.
Wedding portrait of Dela Fitzpatrick and Archibald Forsman, Pigeon Mountain, 25 April 1908.
Creator: Unknown
Date: 25 April 1908
Location: Pigeon Mountain, Pakuranga
Manukau Research Library, PAK: III, 1, no. J6.
Photograph reproduced by courtesy of Howick Historical Society.

Newly weds, Clevedon, ca 1910.
Wedding portrait of an unidentified bride and groom posing in a garden setting, Clevedon, ca 1910.
Creator: Bryan, David
Date: ca 1910
Location: Clevedon
Manukau Research Library, CLE: V, 1, C8.
Photograph reproduced by courtesy of Clevedon and District Historical Society (from Mrs Barbara Bryan).

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