Thursday, April 14, 2011

Papakura Library guest post: Top 5 Xbox games enjoyed by a girl who very much isn’t a gamer (and didn’t even necessarily play them herself)

List by Emily

My husband and I bought an Xbox 360 with Kinect for our Christmas present to ourselves J I’ve never really been interested in gaming before, but the Kinect sensor is awesome because you are the controller i.e. it does fancy 3D body scans to sense your movements and that is how you play games. Auckland Libraries don’t have any Kinect games on the catalogue yet, but there are heaps of standard Xbox 360 games available, and the following are my pick of the games I (or more likely my family members) have played already.

Just cause 2 [electronic resource]
Your job is simple: find, capture and kill a rogue agent. Create Chaos as you BASE jump, hijack, blow-up, race and sky-dive across 400 square miles of Panau Island. Please note: Restricted 18: Restricted to persons 18 years and over. Contains violence.

Emily’s comment: Not really my cup of tea, but the main reason I enjoyed it is simple – Happy Husband = Happy Wife!! I also did enjoy watching the part of the game where you are on the edge of the island, and it is a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear water, and you can make the character dive into that crystal clear water and swim through a coral reef amongst tropical fish … Oh how I wish I had won Lotto on Saturday *sigh*

Toy story 3 [electronic resource]
"I wish I'd had the Toy Story 3 game when I was a kid. Back then I hardly had any good cooperative games to play with my siblings, and playing games with my parents usually amounted to me taking it easy on them so they wouldn't quit." – Review by Anthony Gallegos on Please note: PG - mild animated violence.

Emily’s comment: Another game I didn’t play myself but got enjoyment out of, this time it was from watching my nephews play it. It was awesome to see a game that the 5 year old and the 8 year old could have heaps of fun playing together, and even better that it was a game completely appropriate for their age level, not some game that is full of shooting and fighting (such as Game #5 above!).

Flatout ultimate carnage [electronic resource]
"...the highlight of Carnage Mode is definitely the stunt levels. Stunt mode incorporates one interesting mechanic you don’t see in the rest of the game - by pressing A, you can eject your driver from the car…through the windshield, no less, and put your driver through a number of sadistic games including bowling, high jump, basketball, stone-skipping and the deadly Ring of Fire." – Review on Please note: Moderate violence.

Emily’s comment: That was the highlight of the whole game for me!! Launching the stunt driver at a set of bowling pins or aiming to get him through a basketball hoop – sadistic indeed, but so much fun J Also, it doesn’t require pressing complicated combinations of buttons, so great for a controller novice like myself.

Cloudy with a chance of meat balls [electronic resource]
Play as Flint to save the planet with a variety of wacky gadgets. Run, jump, climb, slice, dice, melt and puzzle-solve through multiple levels.

Emily’s note: Another fun game based on a fun movie, however this one I actually played a bit myself. I really enjoyed the wackiness of the movie and the game was just as delightfully wacky. Best bit for me was neutralising the burning chili sauce that was too hot to walk across with the guacamole squirting contraption and then safely venturing across the avocado coloured puddles of dip.

Mafia II [electronic resource]
It's a tough world out there on the mean streets of Empire Bay. In Mafia II you must complete mob hits, hijack amazing cars, and battle your way through the gritty turf war. Please note: R18 - Restricted to persons 18 years and over. Contains violence and offensive language.

Emily’s note: I actually experienced Mafia II as a PC game but I’m pretty sure the Xbox version is the same. Apart from a few very unsuccessful turns at driving around in one of the awesome cars in the game, I enjoyed this game by watching hubby play it. It definitely deserves its R18 rating, what with the killing, swearing and Playboy magazines, so is not one for the kiddies to play. It was great for us grown-ups though, and I adored the 1940-50s era setting of the game with its cool cars, cool clothes and even cooler music. Radio stations in the game play real songs from the era, including music styles such as rock and roll, big band, rhythm and blues & doo-wop – such an awesome soundtrack in between all the gunshots!

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