Saturday, March 12, 2011

Top 5 new book covers and titles that caught my eye on a sneaky visit down to see cataloguing staff

List by Tosca

"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it."
- Oscar Wilde

I heart new books! I've often been told that to admit that makes me sound terribly naive. To be honest, I don't care if it does. When I was first interviewed for a library assistant position 8 years ago with Manukau Libraries I was asked, 'Why do you want to work in libraries?' and, like a true hick, I replied, 'Because I love books.' And I do, I really do. It wasn't long though before I realised that, even better than indulging my own love of books, I was able to help others do the same. I enjoy face-to-face readers' advisory with customers. There's something particularly satisfying about seeing people make connections with books. It's the one reason I've stayed in libraries so long. These days I don't work at a branch customer service desk like I used to so being able to recommend books through this blog and via some of the eNewsletters I edit is the icing on the cake of my job, and I live to take ten or fifteen minutes out of the day to skip down to visit cataloguing staff and raid their trolleys for ideas. I'm conflicted, though. I'm not quite sure which gives me the greatest kick: the new books trolley or seeing staff :) This list is little more than my most recent 'DO WANT' list for pretty covers and/or quirky titles.

Honourable mention:
  • Nostradamus & the third Antichrist : Napoleon, Hitler and the one still to come by Mario Reading - totally made this list for the title alone

    Demon song / Cat Adams
    In a world where magic is real and the supernatural is almost normal, bodyguard Celia Graves has survived a vampire attack which made her a half-vampire and awakened her latent Siren abilities. She's battled a Siren Queen to the death and twice faced down a demon that wants to kill her--slowly. She's also had her heart broken--twice--by her old flame, magician Bruno DeLuca. Perhaps the worst thing was the discovery that Celia's life has been warped by a curse laid on her during childhood--the cause of everything from the death of her little sister to the murder of her best friend the same night that Celia became an Abomination. An ancient rift between the demonic dimension and our own--sealed during the destruction of Atlantis--begins to open, threatening to loose all the demons of hell on humanity (including the one personally bent on destroying Celia). Celia's hellish recent experiences have given her the unique combination of abilities needed to close the rift. But to overcome the curse, which nearly guarantees her failure, she'll need to join forces with people she no longer trusts...and put people she has come to care about directly in harm's way.

    Reason for making this list: The cover looked spooky.

    From where I stand / Mary McCartney
    From Where I Stand reveals the best work from Mary McCartneys complete archive from the 1990s to date. The book provides an incomparable view into Marys world, both public and private, featuring famous faces such as Paul and Linda McCartney, Madonna, Bono, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dennis Hopper, Kate Moss or Tracey Emin, and photographs capturing the the raw energy backstage and onstage at fashion shows, rock concerts, the theatre and ballet.

    Reason for making this list: The cover (although I've never heard of the photographer).

    Why do fools fall in love? : a realist's guide to romance / Anouchka Grose
    Falling in love is a complicated, messy, mad endeavor — and staying in love is even worse. But while bitter experience and brutal statistics may tell us that it will probably all end in tears, we still continue to believe in and pursue romance, even if it means losing sleep, friends, or sanity in the process. In this nimble and original exploration of love’s hidden motivations and manifestations, Anouchka Grose tries to get to the heart of its hold over us. Along the way, she examines relationships between famous couples from Burton and Taylor to Romeo and Juliet, and draws on personal anecdotes, case studies, and theories about love offered by philosophy, psychoanalysis, and anthropology. Guiding us from the first flirtatious text message to dodging insults in divorce court, through swooning, stalking, and swearing undying devotion, this cheerful book about the horrors of love is essential reading for anyone who has ever loved and lost. And then loved all over again.

    Reason for making this list: Quirky title love!

    Warrior / Cheryl Brooks
    "He came to me in the dead of winter, his body burning with fever."
    Even near death, his sensuality is amazing...Leo arrives on Tisana's doorstep a beaten slave from a near-extinct race with feline genes. As soon as Leo recovers his strength, he'll use his extraordinary sexual talents to bewitch Tisana and make a bolt for freedom...She has only one chance to tame him...Tisana, whose healing powers are legendary, already knows Leo's the one who can help her fulfill her destiny... she can't let him get away now. Forced together on a dangerous journey, Tisana must reveal all of her powers, and Leo must give all of himself to gain his freedom...

    Reason for making this list: This cover is total Team Chest!

    River marked / Patricia Briggs
    Coyote shifter Mercy Thompson and her mate, the Alpha werewolf Adam are on their honeymoon camping on the banks of the Columbia River when she receives a visit from the spirit of her lone-gone father. An evil is stirring in the depths of the Columbia River and innocent people are dying. Mercy must reconnect with her heritage to exorcise the world of the legend known as the river devil. -- From book jacket.

    Reason for making this list: I'm a Briggs fan and I like Mercedes Thompson as a character and I always like the covers (even if I fleetingly think Thompson is a little too skinny).

    Kelly M said...

    Did you know that Mary McCartney is Paul's daughter?? coincidink.....just saw a picture of the two of them together in a gossip mag :)

    catatonia said...

    I didn't know that actually! I only ever read/hear about the other McCartney. What's her name - Stella? Out of all of the odd little bits and pieces I have learned today from strange and subversive internet sites (looking for top 5 inspiration), that is the most surprising :)