Friday, March 18, 2011

Top 5 best picture books of 2010 according to that I will be testing on Mr. 7

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"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents."
— Emilie Buchwald

I don't know much about children except that some of them like peanut butter and some of them don't. Weirdly, that has not stopped kids from liking me. My mother thinks that it's probably because I see them as mini-adults with quite distinct personalities of their own and, as a result, never talk down to them when really it's more that I really just don't look them in the eye and then they won't know that I'm afraid and/or don't know what I'm doing. I taught Mr. 13 and Mr. 12 to read and write by the time they were 4 years old and it was a hassle free process. Mr. 7...not so much. In fact, we tend to argue about what he wants to read versus what I want him to read. Quite heated discussions, too. Choosing picture books for my nephews has been, over the years, a hit and miss event anyway, only these days it's been more miss than hit. Mr. 7 trusts me to pick his nonfiction books but not the 'fun stuff' (as he calls it) and so my 'methodology' havers somewhere between letting him run crazy to choose whatever he wants and feeling like I should pick 'quality' books every now and then. Sometimes, though, to stop feeling like I'm being a neglectful aunt with next to no rules or boundaries, I will deliberately hunt up a few lists and see what other people are recommending as good, solid reads where the images and the text work well together. And think that they have such a one :) Is it? I'm not sure yet, I've only just requested the books. Assuming Mr. 7 sits still long enough I may find out. I live in hope eternal...

Honourable mention
  • City dog, country frog by Mo Willems
  • Dog loves books by Louise Yates
  • Other goose : re-nurseried, re-rhymed, re-mothered, and re-goosed by J. Otto Seibold

  • Art & Max / David Wiesner
    Max wants to be an artist like Arthur, but his first attempt at using a paintbrush sends the two friends on a whirlwind trip through various media, with unexpected consequences. Ages 3+

    The quiet book / by Deborah Underwood ; illustrated by Renata Liwska
    From the quiet of being the first one awake in the morning to "sweet dreams quiet" when the last light is turned off, simple text explores the many kinds of quiet that can exist during the day. Ages 3+

    The boys / written by Jeff Newman ; illustrated by Jeff Newman
    A shy boy, seeking the courage to play baseball with the other children in a park, is coaxed out of his shell by some "old timers" sitting nearby who, in turn, discover they are still in the game.

    Here comes the garbage barge! / Jonah Winter ; illustrated by Red Nose Studio
    In the spring of 1987, the town of Islip, New York, with no place for its 3,168 tons of garbage, loads it on a barge that sets out on a 162-day journey along the east coast, around the Gulf of Mexico, down to Belize, and back again, in search of a place willing to accept and dispose of its very smelly cargo.

    Oh no! : (or, how my science project destroyed the world) / written by Mac Barnett ; illustrated by Dan Santat
    After winning the science fair with the giant robot she has built, a little girl realizes that there is a major problem. Ages 7+

    PS: To the wife of the gentleman I met on the bus this morning who told me you read this blog and love it: HELLO *waves* :)

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