Monday, February 28, 2011

Top 5 most looked at posts for February 2011

We've had a wonderfully eclectic mix of posts for February 2011 and, for those of you who are new readers, this is little more than a roundup of the most popular posts viewed this month. Weirdly, though, 2 are from last year. How odd!

Honourable mention:
  • Top 5 titles foraged from the processing Processing trolleys (9 February 2011)

  • Top 5 reasons to LIKE Auckland Libraries on Facebook (written 14 February 2011) - list by Tosca: Auckland Libraries has a Facebook page. It's true - we do :) When I emailed all of the family I've ever known (and some I've never known) and asked them to check it out and click 'LIKE' if they support it, one of my siblings said, 'Why should I? Give me one good reason why I should.' I've always been a sucker for a challenge and 'Oneupmanship' is my middle name (ok, so it's not, but maybe it should be), and so a top 5 list was born. Here are 5 reasons to LIKE Auckland Libraries on Facebook...[Read more...]

    Top 5 teen action/adventure series (written 18 August 2010) - list by List by Danielle with help from Jolene, Debra, Richy, Tosca and numerous MANIX reviewers: Firstly, there were plenty of awesome candidates for this list, and there are some highly recommended edge-of-your-seat series we'd like to give honourable mentions... [Read more...]

    Top 5 books from Manukau Library that I hope will help explain earthquakes to a child and provide ideas for helping (written 23 February 2011) - list by Tosca: I, along with the rest of the nation, have spent a good part of the last 24+ hours scouring the internet for snippets of news and updates about the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that affected Christchurch yesterday afternoon. It should not have been a surprise, then, that my nephew Kalani - or Mr. 7 as I call him - came home bursting with questions about earthquakes and volcanoes. And was. So we set some time aside last night to talk about what he knew about earthquakes already, what he'd been told by his teacher and what was actually happening in Christchurch right now. Thanks to numerous online news clips we were able to see how things really are. It left Kalani feeling anxious and concerned - he kept stroking the screen in sympathy - and led to his asking some very technical questions about how earthquakes happen. It left me feeling appalled and saddened and teary eyed. It also made me realise how unprepared I was to discuss seismology with a child and that if I expect him to understand anything about it I need to refresh my own knowledge. Thanks to Manukau Library I now have a selection of books to look over with Kalani that should, hopefully, answer a lot of questions. Last night I wasn't in a frame of mind to build on his initial questions and encourage him to think of ways in which he and I can help the people of Christchurch so tomorrow night that's what we're going to do - list ways we can help and then actually put them into action. I'd imagine it was a lot for a 7 year old mind to process just before bedtime - it was a lot for me to process and I'm 35 - and so it was a very sombre pyjama-clad boy who said to me: 'I'm glad I'm safe but I'm so very, very sorry for Christchurch.' So am I... [Read more...]

    Top 5 2010 reads (written 9 February 2011) - list by 99shelby: This is a guest post by my good buddy 99shelby, who, like me, skims the cream off the Teen NextReads eNewsletter each month and has found plenty of good reads to keep her going in 2010. From teen novels that deal with some serious issues but aren't afraid to make you laugh, to complete candyfloss for the brain (and the odd paranormal twist), have a go at one of these gems...[Read more...]

    Top 5 NZ reggae bands (written 18 May 2010 & our most popular post yet) - list by Tosca: My parents have very eclectic music tastes. I say that in a slightly accusatory way but I'm wholly serious. You were just as likely to hear Peter, Paul and Mary as you were Anita Ward, Kid Creole & the Coconuts or Yvonne Elliman. Bob Marley's music was a constant in our home while growing up. I was fortunate in that my parents ensured I heard not just his music but also his beliefs, his philosophies and his politics. I was 14 when I realised that I much preferred his very early recordings, the sort of stuff he produced before he went mainstream. If you've only ever listened to his later stuff I encourage you to make the effort to try some of his early music - it has a really distinct sound. When Bob Marley died in 1981 I was only 5 years old, but thanks to my parents I understood the huge impact he had on New Zealand's own music scene. His music wasn't just a bunch of notes put together - I learnt that it could be political and it could tell histories. Perhaps it was no wonder, then, that indigenous people identified so strongly with his songs of exodus, of redemption, of Jah and of dispossession...[Read more...]

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