Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 5 romance audiobooks that made me blush

"Who, being loved, is poor?"
- Oscar Wilde

Who, being loved, is poor? Indeed! And who, listening to romance audiobooks, has blushed? Or gotten the giggles? Or started laughing and almost choked to death? Why, that would be me :) I heart romance books. I truly, truly do, but as much as I enjoy them I do find myself skipping the 'romantic scenes' if they are appallingly long. I mean, seriously, 20 pages?! Sometimes I find that 20 pages of seduction serves only to put me to sleep. I also find that when reading certain authors (think Laurell K. Hamilton) the ménage scenes leave me feeling conflicted because all I can think about is, 'Where are everyone's limbs?' and how if they're not in motion or use, is some poor sod feeling neglected and left out and cold? Yes, it's a sad and beautifully weird place inside my head. But romance novels in audio? Yikes. They're a different kettle of fish altogether.

I have been happily taking advantage of Overdrive's downloadable media (if you haven't yet, why not? It's free if you're a member of Auckland Libraries) and raiding their romance audiobook collection like a fiend. Generally, I'm enjoying it a lot. I have found, though, that 'romantic passages' (don't make me explain that euphemism, it would leave both of us unhappy) I would read quietly to myself seem so...blunt out loud! It's shades of mortification and resignation that see me clapping my hands over my ears, hooting out loud with laughter and disbelief or guiltily trying to fast forward the audio. It's a sad, sad fact but I am far too juvenile to listen to them. Ho hum. Will it be my New Year's resolution to get over myself, audiobook-wise? Gosh, no! What fun is there in that? Am I going to stop taking them out? No way! The following is a list of the most scandalous read-aloud romance audiobooks I've ever heard yet :)

Wild fire by Christine Feehan
Called on a dangerous assignment, leopard shifter Conner Vega returns to the Panama rain forest of his homeland, looking every bit the civilized male. But as a member of the most lethal of the shifter tribes, he doesn't have a civilized bone in his body. He carries the scent of a wild animal in its prime, he bears the soul-crushing sins of past kills and he's branded with the scars of shame inflicted by the woman he betrayed.

Divine misdemeanors by Laurell K. Gentry
Someone is killing the fey, which has left the LAPD baffled and Merry Gentry, Los Angeles private eye and princess of faerie, determined to get to the bottom of the case even if means going up against Gilda, the Fairy Godmother. But even stranger things are happening. Mortals Gentry once healed with magic are suddenly performing miracles, a shocking phenomenon wreaking havoc on human/faerie relations.

Blood born by Linda Howard
When the human and the vampire worlds collide, there will be hell to pay. Luca Ambrus is a rare breed: vampire from birth, begotten by vampire parents, blood born. He is also an agent of the Council--the centuries-old cabal that governs vampirekind, preserving their secrecy and destroying those who betray them. When a cryptic summons leads him to the scene of the brutal killing of a powerful Council member, Luca begins the hunt for an assassin among his own people ...

Megan's mark by Lora Leigh
In an intriguing new world, genetically altered Breeds and the humans who created them commingle-and sometimes cross the boundaries of desire. Now, an empathetic sheriff's deputy and an arrogant Feline Breed hunt elusive killers while falling prey to their insatiable hunger for one another.

Harmony's way by Lora Leigh
Harmony Lancaster is of the Lion breed, created to be a huntress with a thirst to kill. But the way she seeks justice outside of the law makes her a liability to her own kind. Yet she also possesses information that they need on the existence of the First Leo - who holds the precious secrets of desire. To save her life, Harmony is paired with Sheriff Lance Jacobs, who tries to tame the killer within her, while protecting the gentle woman he longs to possess. But a dangerous cult leader, bent on destroying the Breeds, could change the way Lance looks at Harmony forever...


The "Other" Librarian said...

Laurell K Hamilton on Audiobook!!! Lawks!!! I would so blush, I even blush (and squirm and worry and ponder and then blush some more) just reading her books let alone listening to it!!!

catatonia said...

Thanks for stopping by! I know, right? These books make me awfully aware of who's sitting near me and might be able to peek at them LOL My 'hotness factor' for determining how seriously explicit a title is, is whether or not I would recommend it to my mum (who also reads romance although much prefers it when people are killed off in them - what *that's* about I'm not sure LOL) and I have to say, hand on heart, I would never recommend these to her heh