Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top 5 things I heart about the Auckland Libraries website

List by Tosca

"My library
Was dukedom large enough."

- Shakespeare, The Tempest

I have to apologise for only having 2 posts up for the whole of October! Bad, bad library people. Danielle and I were both involved with the Auckland Libraries website which, funnily enough, is the subject of today's Top 5 post. What a coincidence. Well, no, it's not. The team who worked on this site did a great job and the site looks fantastic and it's worth sharing :)

If you haven't yet had the chance to check out the new Auckland Libraries website then...I'm going to think you live under a rock. Or, worse, without the internet *gasp* It has pretty much everything you'd need to know about what to expect from our library services as of 1st Nov 2010: membership, locations and hours, fees and charges, news, events, new and recommended titles, eNewsletters, digital library and a few other odds and ends. In today's post I've chosen the 5 pages I love most in the new site. I wanted to use them all and have double/triple-ups but that would be cheating :P Enough from me! On to the list. Each link will open in a separate window so you can check out the pros and cons of each page and still keep the Top 5 Goodies blog up.

Runner up:
* Library management team - Allison, Geoff, Sue, Mirla, Corin, Louise, Kim and Jane - our library management team are responsible for determining the future direction of Auckland Libraries. Find out how their roles work together. Although, if you're like me, find out what they look like! 'Cause...we have their profile pics up, too :)

Search options
Need help searching the classic catalogue? Unsure how to use the catalogue and website search? Didn't even know we had AirPac for mobile phone users? Not quite sure how the Digital Library can help you? The 'Search options' page has all the FAQs and search guides you need.

About Auckland Libraries
My siblings can't quite wrap their heads around the idea that '1 city. 55 libraries. All yours' really means what it says. They keep looking for the loophole (they should've been lawyers, geez). There is no catch! If you're confused about what the changes to library services will mean to you, or if you're still not convinced about the benefits, then this page should clear up a lot of that. If you still have queries, leave a comment and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

About Auckland Libraries
Everything you need to know about joining is found here! Often I've visited library websites and had the unfortunate experience of going around and around in circles and feeling like I'm getting nowhere quickly so this 'one stop shop' option? Totally works for me.

NextReads eNewsletters
People always ask me why I work in libraries and the answer is so simple it's stupid: I love books. All books - magazines, ebooks, text books, picture books, romance novels, science fiction, murder mysteries, graphic novels, audio books...I'll read just about anything. After my love of books, what I enjoy most about my job is being able to edit and promote our NextReads eNewsletters. I could be biased but I think our editors do a great job :) So check them out and see what you think.

Classic catalogue
The classic catalogue is such a beautiful, beautiful thing! It truly is. Not just because of the clean and clear look of it all but also for the fact that you can search for a title and see ALL of the branches that hold it - from Rodney in the far north to Waiuku in the deep south. FTW :)

If you have newsletter suggestions, book recommendations or just want to tell us what you're reading you can either leave a comment here or send us an email: librarynewsletters@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz - we'd love to hear from you!

If you have a query or feedback about the Auckland Libraries site or services you can use the Contact Us page to tell us about it.


Musicat said...

Way to go Tosca! Great intro to the new website. And I heart the catalogue too! :) So exciting for everyone to be able to access so much more - for free! btw is there a link to the Top 5 blog on the website homepage or is it still via Manukau site?

catatonia said...

Howdy! Fancy meeting you here :) Oh gosh, I know, isn't it exciting? I must admit, I haven't requested any books yet. I figured I'd wait a month or so and then maybe ease my way in to requesting. I have this awful feeling I'd go totally crazy otherwise LOL

If you're on the Auckland Libraries website there's a link to the various library blogs, recommended books and new books lists on the New and Recommended page and you can find Top 5 Goodies there :)

Musicat said...

Haha, I have already requested about 10 items from far n wide... just too hard to resist! :) Ta for links, will check them out...

catatonia said...

Hi de hi - hey, anytime re: links :) And feel free to flick me a top 5 list about anything. Top 5 reads of all time? Top 5 worst reads of all time? Top 5 most recent DVDs you enjoyed - I will take it all ;)