Friday, November 19, 2010

Top 5 most looked at Top 5 posts

List by Tosca

"Good taste is the excuse I have given for leading such a bad life."
- Oscar Wilde

Have you led such a bad life, readers? Do you have excellent taste in books, movies, music? Only time, and blogger's inbuilt stats tools, know :) I was poking around in the Stats section of our Top 5 blog and came across info displaying the most looked at pages...which translates into this fly-by posting of our top 5 most looked at Top 5 posts. Oy, what a mouthful! And you know what? They tell me next to nothing about your varied interests at all LOL You'll find a link to each of the separate posts below as well as their full introduction. Enjoy :P

Tune in again tomorrow when my sister sets a DVD challenge for me - 5 movies she thinks I should watch. I'm...ok, I'll be honest. I'm kinda fearful about it. She managed a DVD store for a few years and we don't always have the same taste in books, clothes, shoes, friends and most certainly not movies. Eep. Should be an interesting list o_O Let's get on with the top 5 Top 5 :)

Top 5 SF Graphic Novels Based on Computer Games by Paul Brown
"Science Fiction… wonderful, big and scary… as it should be. And reading it, (as one New Zealand columnist recently observed) is nothing less than an experiential version of mountaineering: “I do it partly for the workout, and partly for the view.” Ah yes, the view. Whether manufactured in the fertile imagination of the reader, via CGI-charged products delivered in Panavision for film fans, or through menacing pixilation procreated by gaming corporations, the visual remains a potent force in science fiction.

At their best, graphic novels are a medium that perfectly conveys the scale, beauty and power of these imaginary off-worlds, where often the minutiae of our species must contend with challenges that dwarf our paltriness.

The following 5 graphic novels represent visually stunning offshoots of global gaming phenomena, each adventure a computer game derivative employing some of the best illustrative art and storytelling that this literary form currently offers. Enjoy the view. And send me a postcard when you get there." (July 19, 2010)

Papakura Library guest post: Top 5 magazines I like to borrow from the library by Emily
"A bit of a boring title for a Top 5 list I admit, but I realised no one had done a magazine list, so thought why not be the first.

Here are my (and/or my hubby’s) favourite magazines that we can borrow (for free!!) from the library. They happen to all be New Zealand magazines - what a patriot I am - but there are also lots of international magazines available at the library as well." (August 30, 2010)

Agatha Christie's Top 5 Poirot novels by Karalisa
"Chrisitie's detective fiction is perfect for those who prefer murder mystery with an emphasis on mystery rather than gruesome murder. The little Belgian man is one of my favourite detectives and below are some of the novels I enjoyed. I've chosen to include ones that also have graphic novels or DVDs as I love adaptations into different media. The graphic novel or DVD may be a great place to start and, if you like the storyline, delve into the novel as well." (July 7, 2010)

Top 5 new manga titles by Danielle and Diana Lee
"Debra, our lovely graphic novels cataloguer, has been buying up a storm of new titles lately for the manga collection, as some of our long-running series come to an end. With so many new stories to choose from, here are our recommendations for some of the best of the new titles! Our guest reviewer here is Diana Lee, who has been reading and reviewing as part of the Manix reading challenge - thanks Diana :)

So whether your tastes are for high school fun, friendship and love (with or without superpowers), demon clans, giant robots or bodyguards vs assassins, we've got something here for you!" (July 23, 2010)

Top 5 NZ reggae bands by Tosca
"My parents have very eclectic music tastes. I say that in a slightly accusatory way but I'm wholly serious. You were just as likely to hear Peter, Paul and Mary as you were Anita Ward, Kid Creole & the Coconuts or Yvonne Elliman. Bob Marley's music was a constant in our home while growing up. I was fortunate in that my parents ensured I heard not just his music but also his beliefs, his philosophies and his politics. I was 14 when I realised that I much preferred his very early recordings, the sort of stuff he produced before he went mainstream. If you've only ever listened to his later stuff I encourage you to make the effort to try some of his early music - it has a really distinct sound. When Bob Marley died in 1981 I was only 5 years old, but thanks to my parents I understood the huge impact he had on New Zealand's own music scene. His music wasn't just a bunch of notes put together - I learnt that it could be political and it could tell histories. Perhaps it was no wonder, then, that indigenous people identified so strongly with his songs of exodus, of redemption, of Jah and of dispossession.

New Zealand has some great reggae bands and this list serves as nothing more than my pick of groups who have gone some way toward reaffirming or recapturing my love of reggae on a wider scale, and my love of Bob Marley in particular. Feel free to disagree with my selection! In fact, we'd enjoy it if you did - simply leave your own Top 5 version as a comment and we'll happily add it to the blog." (May 18, 2010)

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