Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 5 pink picture books

List by Danielle

Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!
~ Miley Cyrus

My daughter is going through a fairly emphatic pink phase. No matter how cold it is (long, wet winter/spring, I'm looking at *you*), she can be found outdoors in her pinkest 'princess dress' (and gumboots). Luckily, she's not alone in this craze, and the picture book collection has plenty of great titles to help you celebrate 'pinktacular' pink with your little princess (or prince).

Special shout-out to Miss Lily's fabulous pink feather boa by Margaret Wild (illustrated by Kerry Argent), which is a quirky little tale about extinction, theft, guilt, and the ability of fabulous clothing to help bust stereotypes and overcome timidity! Full-on stuff for such a delicately-illustrated picture book.

Here are some pinktastic, pinknificent tales to get you started:

Posey prefers pink / by Harriet Ziefert ; illustrations by Yukiko KidoPosey likes pink so well that she will only wear, eat, and play with things of that colour, until a new hue catches her eye.

Honestly? I didn't love this book - Posey is too fussy and demanding, and her parents too accomodating, for my comfort levels, the girl only eats pink-hued food, for crying out loud - but my daughter thought it was cute and funny. And very pink. With some sparkles.

Little pink pup / Johanna Kerby
Pink, a piglet who is the runt of the litter, is adopted by Tink, a dachshund who is nursing a litter of her own, and Pink is raised in the house along with the puppies.

This newly received animal tale is illustrated with photos of the real-life Pink, a premature piglet who grew up with a dachshund 'mom'. An afterword explains that the story first appeared on the internet, posted by the author, who lives on the family farm where Pink was born. Kids will love the cute photos of this teeny tiny pink piglet sleeping, feeding and playing alongside her puppy siblings.

Pink magic / by Donna Jo Napoli ; illustrated by Chad CameronNick wishes for some pink mail addressed just to him and his sister helps make it happen.

Nice to see a story about a boy with a love for pink, for a change. Nick receives a series of pink animal surprises in the mail, turning the household upside down and causing Mum some headaches. It is big sister Eva, though, who knows what Nick really wants to find in the mailbag. A nice story showing a caring big sister who looks out for her little brother.

Polly's pink pyjamas / Vivian French ; [illustrated by] Sue Heap
Polly loves her pink pyjamas. But she can't wear them to Fred's party, so her friends all lend her something of theirs. Finally Polly is ready to go, but she looks so funny in her borrowed outfit that she can't go after all! Things are looking bad, until her friends reveal that the party is a pyjama party.

Priya, one of our lovely children's librarians, gives this book 4 out of 5 stars and says of it: "A lovely picture book about girls and their love for "pink". A must read for all girls and mothers alike. It is an exuberant and perfectly pink story."

Pink me up / by Charise Mericle Harper
When Mama is too sick to go to the Pink Girls Pink-nic with Violet, Daddy offers to take her place but, first, he needs to "pink-up" his clothes.

Simple, sweet, with both funny visual humour for kids and some unobtrusive jokes for big kids too. Violet is a wonderful drama queen who at one stage throws herself prostrate on the ground and declares "This is the worst day EVER." Needless to say, it's not, and this is a fun story that paints Dad in a heroic (if totally pinked up) light!

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