Monday, August 30, 2010

Top 5 new travel books

List by Danielle
'Regardless of which circle you deem the worst, I think we can all agree that hell is not a great place to visit.' ~ '101 places not to see before you die' by Catherine Price

I was scavenging the cataloguers' trolleys for goodies and noticed a theme developing; we have several intriguing new titles by intrepid explorers on the trolleys this week. If you've ever been bitten by the travel bug - or like to read about people who get bitten in your place while you kick back in a comfy chair - then take a look at these travellers' tales...

The lunatic express : discovering the world-- via its most dangerous buses, boats, trains, and planes / Carl Hoffman.
More than just an adventure story, "The Lunatic Express" is a funny, harrowing, and insightful chronicle of Hoffman's travels on some of the world's worst conveyances: the statistically most dangerous airlines, the most crowded ferries, and the most rickety trains.

The black Nile : one man's amazing journey through peace and war on the world's longest river / Dan Morrison.
A spectacular modern-day adventure along the Nile River from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea. With news of tenuous peace in Sudan, foreign correspondent Dan Morrison bought a plank-board boat, summoned a childhood friend who'd never been off American soil and set out from Uganda, paddling the White Nile on a quest to reach Cairo-a trip that tyranny and war had made impossible for decades. Morrison's chronicle is a mashup of travel narrative and reportage, packed with flights into the frightful and the absurd. With the propulsive force of a thriller, The Black Nile is rife with humor, humanity and fervid insight-an unparalleled portrait of a complex territory in profound transition.

101 places not to see before you die / by Catherine Price.
Because bad places make good stories. The Testicle Festival, Garbage City, Rush Hour on a Samoan Bus, our Boss's Bedroom, Stonehenge, The Road of Death, A North Korean Gulag, Fucking, Austria, And 92 More! From the Grover Cleveland Service Area to the Beijing Museum of Tap Water to, of course, Euro Disney, 101 Places Not to See Before You Die brings you lively tales of the most ill-conceived museums, worst theme parks, and grossest Superfund sites that you'll ever have the pleasure of not visiting. Journalist Catherine Price travels the globe for stories of misadventure to which any seasoned traveler can relate - including guest entries from writers such as Nicholas Kristof, Mary Roach, Michael Pollan, Rebecca Solnit, and A. J. Jacobs-and along the way she discovers that the worst experiences are often the ones we'll never forget.
Female nomad & friends : tales of breaking free and breaking bread around the world / Rita Golden Gelman, with Maria Altobelli ; illustrated by Jean Allen.
In 1987, Rita, newly divorced, set out to live her dream. She sold all her possessions and became a nomad. She wrote a book about her ongoing journey and, in 2001, insisted on putting her personal e-mail address in the last chapter-against all advice. It turned out to be a fortuitous decision. She has met thousands of readers, stayed in their homes, and sat around kitchen tables sharing stories and food and laughter. In this essay collection, Gelman includes her own further adventures, as well as those of writers and readers telling tales of the shared humanity they experienced in their travels. The stories are funny and sad, poignant and tender, familiar and bizarre. They will make you laugh and cry and maybe even send you off on your own adventure. Also included are fabulous international recipes such as vegetarian dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), chiles en nogada (stuffed poblano chiles topped with a white cream sauce with walnuts and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds), and ho mok (an extraordinary fish-coconut custard from Thailand).

Window / Jeannie Baker.
This wordless picture book chronicles the events and changes in a young boy's life and in his environment, from babyhood to grownup, through wordless scenes observed from the window of his room.

Note: Okay, so number 1 isn't really a travel book, unless you count travel through time (which I kind of have to, sitting next to a Dr Who freak fan all day). However, it is not only a gorgeous and magical reprint of an old classic (from 1991), it reminds me how much travelling you can do just sitting next to a window and watching the world!

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