Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top 5 titles foraged from our processing trolleys (6 July 2010)

List by Danielle
'i spit on you, poetry. this is me spitting on you. this is me
egging your cocker spaniel. this is me stomping
your children's halloween pumpkins. you are
dead to me, poetry. i was only using you for the sex.
~ Matthew Baker

More random goodies of great shininess and temptation from the shelving trolleys at Ronwood Ave...

Play dead / Ryan Brown
Zombie football team resurrected by black magic, must win their game or go to hell. 'Nuff said?

If your sweetie, like mine, plays Warcraft - hey, if *you* play Warcraft - you might be interested in this new graphic novel. Delve into the story of the Outland with, hmm, a dragon and human paladin... that means Alliance, right? I'm not sure we like Alliance characters. Looks like the Horde are the bad guys in this one. Weird. Takes all kinds, I guess.
What's new, cupcake? / Karen Tack & Alan Richardson
You have to see the pictures in this cupcake-making 'how to' manual to believe them. Serious sugar art, here. I can just see my 3 yr old licking the icing off and turfing the cake, and it makes me wince to imagine the desecration. We're talking cupcakes with 3-D iced animals, cupcakes that look like vegetables (nice try!) and even cupcakes carrying whole villages on them! If you have a great deal of time and patience, and you don't mind your painstaking creations being destroyed within seconds, leaving only a digital snapshot as a reminder of your triumph, you might want to give this a go?
Sinfest vol. 1 / Tatsuya Ishida
"This volume collects the first 560 Sinfest strips, originally published online through keenspot.com." I love the way so many great webcomics are also coming out in book form, and I specially love the way the library is actually buying some of them!
Time you let me in: 25 poets under 25 / Selected by Naomi Shihab Nye
I love poetry - well, *some* poetry - but I know just the thought of it scares the pants off a lot of folk... or bores them to death. This collection is a great way to get past either the scared or bored reaction, with what sounds like 'real-life' voices in a variety of styles. The poem on the back cover (first line: 'I spit on you, poetry.') made me laugh out loud. Looks like a fun collection with some thoughtfulness and laughs and recognisable human emotion tucked in there, too.

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