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Top 5 songs by The Ten Tenors (in memory of Trace)

List by Tosca

'Constant use will not wear ragged the fabric of friendship.'
- Dorothy Parker

From the unlikeliest conversations are enduring friendships formed. Weirdly, my friendship with Tracy Munns began with her love of The Ten Tenors.

In August 2007, The Ten Tenors were due to arrive in NZ to perform a series of nationwide concerts. I'd heard of them in passing but knew next to nothing about them except that they were Australian. How was that meant to be a positive?! Trace, a diehard fan, found herself with 2 spare tickets at the last minute. I'd been working at Manurewa Library for roughly 3 or 4 months and didn't really know Tracy all that well except to say hello to. So when she popped in one day and asked if I liked classical music, I was a bit sceptical as to where this could lead. When your first name is also an opera and someone asks if you like classical music, it doesn't necessarily signal good things to come. When I replied that I did she then asked if I was interested in seeing The Ten Tenors live that night. I remember making some rather scathing comment that one tenor was bad enough but ten would be overkill. Oh if looks could kill I'd have been dead on the spot LOL When I heard Merrin, another colleague, would also be attending I said, 'Sure. Why Not?' And, feeling slightly apprehensive, I went. I had a blast. I've seen them twice again, both times with Trace. I have since wondered if we'd have got on just as well if my name had been Mary or even Sally...

In March of 2009 we lost Tracy Munns to cancer. It was a heartbreaking and devastating blow for all of us and, to this day, I cannot hear The Ten Tenors without thinking of her. In fact, I'm sitting here now with their music playing in the background feeling very melancholy. In memory of unexpected friendships and good music, here is my list of top 5 songs by The Ten Tenors.

Note: Don't expect me to know much about their music, I only know what I like and why I like it :)

Do you have a top 5 'friend' song list? Can you name your top 5 favourite songs by a band/artist? If so, leave them as a comment and we'll upload your list ;)

Honourable mention:

  • The boxer - cover of Simon & Garfunkel's classic
  • Australian folk song medley

Buongiorno principessa from the album 'Here's to the heroes'
This is Trace's favourite TTT song and took me ages to warm up to it. And by 'ages' I mean a couple of years. Now, I can't imagine a time when I didn't like it.

Stonde (Moments) from the album Tenology
Fabulous harmony. Not sung in English and for the life of me I have no clue what language it is in, I only know that I really like it.

Gladiatore suite: Now we are free/Il gladiatore from the album 'Here's to the heroes'
I know nothing about this music except that it's from The Gladiator. I have no idea what they're singing about, either, but it's such a dramatic piece - joyous at first - with these big drum beats and fantastic harmonies that then becomes more sombre.

Water/Va pensiero from the album 'Tenology'
Beautiful song although I'm not sure if this is one song with part of it sung in English or if it's a combination of two songs. I recognise 'Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves' (from Nabucco) by Verdi and that's about it.

Les choristes: Voir sur ton chemin / from the DVD 'A night with The Ten Tenors: here's to the heroes'
This particular song is from the film 'The Chorus' or 'Les Choristes' and is quite exquisite. I don't use that term often for fear of overusing it so if I say it's exquisite well then it must be ;) If you haven't seen Les Choristes I highly recommend it, and here's the synopsis to tempt you: Unemployed music teacher Clement Mathieu becomes the supervisor at a boarding school for the rehabilitation of minors. Dismayed by the repressive administration, he works to positively transform the students' lives through music.

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