Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 5 NZ albums

List by Bridie

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."
- Victor Huge

At the beginning of May we sent an email around to all library staff asking for Top 5 list recommendations to celebrate NZ Music Month. Bridie submitted her list - which you see here before you today - and that's pretty gosh darn amazing considering she herself doesn't work for us, her mum does :) How cool is that?

Enjoy Bridie's list!

Love is the new hate [compact disc with DVD] / Shihad
Song lyrics laid in container. Shihad. Compact disc. Produced by G.G. Garth and Shihad.

Tracklist: None of the above -- Empty shell -- Day will come -- All the young Fascists -- Saddest song in the world -- Big future -- Shot in the head -- Dark times -- Traitor -- Stop -- Alive -- Guts and the glory.

Keep on pushing [compact disc] / The Black Seeds
Reggae music written and performed by the group. Group members: Barnaby Weir, Daniel Weetman, Bret McKenzie, Mike Fabulous, Rich Christie, Shannon Williams, Dr Lee Prebble.

Tracklist: Dance dance -- Keep on pushing: workshop re-dub -- Sit there -- Black sunrise -- You wait -- In your eyes: fabulous dub -- What we need -- Little atoms -- Hey son -- Coming back home

The sound inside [compact disc] / Breaks Co-Op
Copy controlled. Playback problems may be encountered on some equipment. Designed to be compatible with CD / DVD-V / DVD-A / SACD players. Booklet laid in container. Group members: Hamish Clark, Andy Lovegrove, Zane Lowe.

Tracklist: Sound inside -- Wonder -- Otherside -- Settle down -- Last night -- Place for you -- Duet -- Question of freedom -- Ima -- Beats interlude -- Too easily -- Lay me down.

Alice by the moon [compact disc] / Checks
Compact disc. Leaflet laid in container.

Tracklist: Bagheera -- You and me -- Crows -- Ballroom baby -- Back of the restaurant -- Any man here will run you in -- God birds -- Till the dance is over -- Isabella -- Get off the stage man -- Let your lover know -- Wait in the summer -- Hold my head.

Stroke: songs for Chris Knox [compact disc] / Various Artists
Compact discs. Various artists. On 'Stroke', a local and international lineup perform songs from Chris Knox' back catalogue, including his solo work and songs by his groups The Enemy, Toy Love and The Tall Dwarfs. All proceeds from this collection will go to assisting Chris with his recovery.

Tracklist: Disc 1. Yellow disc. Pull down the shades / Jay Reatard -- Rebel / Checks -- Ain't it nice / Bleeding Allstars -- Don't catch fire / Peter Gutteridge -- Luck or loveliness / Chills -- Nothing's going to happen / David Kilgour -- All my hollowness to you / Crying Wolfs -- Beauty / Stephin Merritt -- Nostalgia's no excuse / Portastatic -- Crush / Mint Chicks -- I've left memories behind / Jay & Sam Clarkson -- Burning blue / Sky Green Leopards -- The slide / Shayne Carter -- Grand mal / Pumice -- Bonus track. Knoxed out / Hamish Kilgour.

Tracklist: Disc 2. Black disc. Not given lightly / Boh Runga -- Bodies / Red & Zeke, feat. Bill Doss & Neil Cleary -- Lapse / Bill Callahan -- Growth spurt / Genghis Smith -- Coloured / Yo La Tengo -- Dunno much about life but I know how to breathe / A.C. Newman -- Glide / Alec Bathgate -- Inside story / Don McGlashan -- The outer skin / Sean Donnelly -- What goes up / Lambchop -- Brave / Mountain Goats -- Round these walls / Tokey Tones & Friends -- Just do it / Bats -- My only friend / Will Oldham -- It's love / Pyjama Party -- Becoming something other / Jordan Luck -- Driftwood / Verlaines -- Song of the tall poppy / Lou Barlow -- Bonus tracks. Nappin' in Lapland / The Nothing -- Sunday song / Tall Dwarfs.

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