Friday, May 21, 2010

Top 5 music cds

List by Kalani (6 year old nephew)

"Children learn to talk by experimenting and listening; they can learn to make music by experimenting and listening - unless we stop them!"
- Emma D. Sheehy

Kalani is my 6 year old nephew. Although an only child, he has numerous aunts and uncles who all love music. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this means his music tastes are rather odd for his age. First and foremost he is a diehard Michael Jackson fan (to the point where he copies his moves - rather badly, I must admit). He also gets excited by Tenacious D, The Wiggles, Beyoncé, Elvis Presley, Jonas Brothers, Johnny Cash, The Hooley Dooleys and lots more. Getting him to narrow his favourite artists down to a selection of 5 was easier than I thought it would be. Too easy! So much so that I'd probably be tempted to raid his mind again for more Top 5 ideas. The hard part was getting him to sshh long enough to write it all down.

As I put this together he is sitting opposite me trying to think up his '...5 favouritest Doctor Who episodes in all the universe.' Oh boy. If your 6 year old has a top 5 list - music, books, dvds - then feel free to leave them as a comment. We're always happy to add more lists :)

Michael Jackson's 'This is it' : inspired by the movie / Michael Jackson
Produced by Michael Jackson and John McClain.

Disc 1. Wanna be startin' somethin' -- Jam -- They don't care about us -- Human nature -- Smooth criminal (radio edit) -- They way you make me feel -- Shake your body (down to the ground) (single version) (The Jacksons) -- I just can't stop loving you (feat. Siedah Garret) -- Thriller -- Beat it (single version) -- Black or white -- Earth song -- Billie Jean (single version) -- Man in the mirror -- This is it -- This is it (orchestra version) -- Disc 2. She's out of my life (demo) -- Wanna be startin' somethin' (demo) -- Beat it (demo) -- Planet Earth (poem).

Kalani's note: I love Michael Jackson's music. It makes me want to dance and sing. I own This Is It. Tosca got me the poster and mum got me the dvd.

My worlds / Justin Bieber
Performed by Justin Bieber.

One time -- Favorite girl -- Down to Earth -- Bigger -- One less lonely girl -- First dance (feat. Usher) -- Love me -- Common denominator -- Baby (feat. Ludacris) -- Somebody to love -- Stuck in the moment -- U smile -- Runaway love -- Never let you go -- Overboard (feat. Jessica Jarrell) -- Eenie meenie (Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston) -- Up -- That should be me. Exclusive bonus track; Where are you now.

Kalani's note: 'Eenie meenie' is a cool song. I know all the words. I have a Justin Bieber cd. Tosca makes me go to the other end of the house to listen to it. I have to shut the door.

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison / Johnny Cash
Originally released in 1968. All songs recorded live January 13, 1968 at Folsom Prison.

Folsom Prison blues -- Busted -- Dark as the dungeon -- I still miss someone -- Cocaine blues -- 25 minutes to go -- Orange blossom special -- The long black veil -- Send a picture of mother -- The wall -- Dirty old egg-suckin' dog -- Flushed from the bathroom of your heart -- Joe Bean -- Jackson (with June Carter) -- Give my love to Rose (with June Carter) -- I got stripes -- The legend of John Henry's hammer -- Green, green grass of home -- Greystone chapel.

Kalani's note: My favourite song is 'Ring of Fire.' My papa loves Johnny Cash. He plays the music all the time and he likes to watch 'Walk the line.' I watch it with him.

Elvis : 30 #1 hits / Elvis Presley
For those wanting to delve into the magic that is Elvis should start here. 30 of his #1 singles including 'Heartbreak Hotel', 'Don't Be Cruel', 'Suspicious Minds', 'Love Me Tender' and more, plus the remix of 'A Little Less Conversation' by Junkie XL. -- Product description.

Kalani's note: Elvis is the best. Both my grandpas like to play Elvis. Tosca went to his house. I want to go, too. The best Elvis song is 'Burning love.'

Tomorrow / Sean Kingston
Performed by Sean Kingston.

Welcome to tomorrow -- War -- Fire burning -- My girlfriend -- Face drop -- Magical -- Island queen -- Tomorrow -- Twist ya around -- Wrap u around me -- Shoulda let u go (feat. Good Charlotte) -- Over -- Ice cream girl (feat. Wyclef) -- Why u wanna go.

Kalani's note: I like 'Face drop' and I can sing all the words on my own.

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