Friday, May 7, 2010

Top 5 favourite books recommended by Natalie's mum

List by Mrs. Waters (Natalie's mum)

"A book that is shut is but a block."
- Thomas Fuller

Natalie's mum, Mrs. Waters, has chosen her top 5 favourite books in our libraries, all of which happen to be about quilting and textiles.

The fabric of society : Australia's quilt heritage from convict times to 1960 / Annette Gero with patterns by Kim McLean
This book not only reflects the quilts found in Australia but also the social history of countless ordinary people, histories which otherwise would never have been written, reflecting the life in this country over two centuries.

Embroidered textiles : a world guide to traditional patterns ; with 508 illustrations, 362 in colour / Sheila Paine with line drawings by Imogen Paine
This beautifully illustrated book examines in detail the fascinating symbolism of the motifs and patterns that give life to these spectacular textiles. "First published : 1990 as Embroidered textiles : traditional patterns from five continents"-- T. p. verso.

American quilts : the democratic art, 1780-2007 / Robert Shaw
Spanning more than four centuries, this book covers the entire historical panorama of quiltmaking in the United States, from the quintessential patterns to their cultural significance.

Indian textiles / John Gillow and Nicholas Barnard
Indian Textiles is a comprehensive survey of the handmade textiles of the whole of the South Asian subcontinent, bringing to life in hundreds of glorious photographs their vibrant colours, textiles and motifs. The book examines the histories of textiles traditions throughout the whole area, as well as analysing the techniques of dyeing, weaving and embroidering. The sub-continent is traversed from region to region to explore and highlight the centres of traditional textile production.

Africa textiles : colour and creativity across a continent / John Gillow
Encompassing the enormous range of traditional, hand-crafted textiles from every region of Africa, this illustrated volume explores the materials, dyes, decorations and techniques of the people who create them.

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