Monday, May 10, 2010

My Top 5 Counties-Manukau bands/musicians

List by Tosca

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."
- Leopold Stokowski

This is my nod to NZ Music Month. I had to keep in the back of my mind that this list had to be based on items we already have in our collections. I think that made it more challenging. Or hard, depending on which way you look at it.

My family are music mad - you either sing or play an instrument. Only one of us can do neither and, being profoundly deaf, he chooses to express his musical ability in another way and writes some pretty fierce lyrics. It seems like we've always had music in one way or another and, much like our family only on a much wider scale, the Counties Manukau area has always had music, too. Because of that I've certainly never been short of good sounds.

I had 2 rules for this particular list:

  1. We had to hold the cd in our libraries
  2. No compilations allowed (which limits the selection like you wouldn't believe)

My choices below are totally subjective and, if you disagree, feel free to leave your own preferred list as a comment. We can add that, too :)

Journey / Ardijah
Enhanced CD -- includes Ardijah's 'Journey' video. Leaflet laid in container Group members: Ryan Monga, vocals, various instruments ; Betty-Anne Monga, vocals ; Phil Crown, keyboards ; Kaitapu, bass guitar ; Tony T, guitar.
Word 2 tha mutha -- Watchin' u (reggae) (feat. Wayz) -- Journey -- So let's parttay! -- Desire (feat. Jordan Luck) -- Stay wid me -- Moonlighting -- Express yo-self -- Natural high -- Watchin' u (Poly Fonk styles) -- We came to get down -- Baby don't u leave.

Tosca's note: Ardijah is the epitome of South Auckland music for me. When I was about 11 (and sporting a very weird haircut, pink shoes and a bright yellow jacket because, hey, it was the 80s and that's what we did) my parents took us on a trip to Rainbows End to see - not the amusement park - but Ardijah. Very cool day. Very cool sounds. I saw Ardijah again in October 2009 here in Manukau and it was almost like being 11 all over again and hearing them for the first time. Awesome!

Localize it / Sweet and Irie
Lyrics included on pamphlet. Group member: Ed Ru, lead vocals ; Tua'T Kaisala, keyboards/Bv's ; Michael "Saa" Kaisala, keyboards ; Ross nansen, drums ; Junior Nansen, bass ; Damian Huawai, guitar ; Taku Ru, Harmonica/BV's ; Tina Fuemana, BV's ; Monica Chung-Fuk, BV's. Mixed and mastered by Vitaly Zeletarev for Votaly Music.

Jah love -- Jenny -- Gimme me your love -- Uncle Bob -- Reggae music -- Crazy -- I will never -- Beautiful day -- mama don't cry -- Everyday (I feel like Irie) -- set me free -- My girl -- Bonus tracks: Feels like magic (feat. Horseman Family) -- Take it out south (feat. Brotha D).

Tosca's note: Thanks to my sisters I am discovering a love of local reggae music and Sweet & Irie feature quite highly at the top of my list (along with House of Shem whose album we do not hold, unfortunately, so could not be listed here alongside this gem. Boo hoo!).

Always and for real / Adeaze
R&B music written and performed by the group. Group members: Nainz Tupa'i and Viiz Tupa'i.

Always & for real -- Memory lane -- Change your ways -- A life with you -- Getting stronger (feat. Aaradhna) -- How deep is your love -- Interlude -- Dear babe -- E paia -- Love is true -- Tears in heaven -- Never gonna let you die -- The lord is my light.

Tosca's note: Fabulous vocals - what else can I say? Beautiful harmony.

Heaven & hell / Devolo
Compact disc. Devolo with acc. musicians.
King David -- Somebody -- Too shy -- Can't let you go (feat. Lemuel) -- Take it back -- Good day -- Let me go (feat. TJ) -- Heaven & hell -- Bring it -- God chose me (feat. Savage) -- Fresh til my death (feat. Mareko) -- I wanna know (feat. TJ) -- Think about you -- Thank you.

Tosca's note: I've owned Mareko and Savage's albums (from the rap group Deceptikonz) and they make for great listening and I recommend those, too, although my personal fav of the group is Devolo (or David Puniani) because I genuinely like his music and, more importantly, his humility.

Magic city / P-Money
Featuring appearances by: Scribe, Con-Psy, Pnc, Skillz, Roc Raida, Akon, Aasim. Warning: This recording contains explicit language.

Tosca's note: P-Money (Peter Wadams) was a Papakura local and, back in the day when I was at Papakura High School, was mixing it up for us then, too. From humble beginnings. The man has mad skillz.

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